Using acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

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Truth Versus Ego Class

What is ego?What is truth?How do you tell them apart when they come up in your mind?I get these types of questions all the time. And honestly, it's actually very easy to distinguish the two when we really want to. It comes back to our sincerity Continue Reading

Music and Mental Health – Are Your Tunes Bringing You Down?

by Andrea Blundell Addicted to your playlists? And wondering if you need to consider if it’s affecting your moods? Just how connected are music and mental health, anyway? Music and Mental Health The power of music to uplift our mind and moods has Continue Reading

“Why Don’t My Kids Respect Me? “

Feel like you have long lost control when it comes to parenting? Always asking yourself lately, ‘why don’t my kids respect me?” Why don’t my kids respect me? Sometimes we can get so overwhelmed by the responsibility of parenting, or so caught up in Continue Reading

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Joyce Meyer: The Power of Positive Thoughts (Full Teaching) | Praise on TBN

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The Matrix and the Initial Awakening

The Matrix is a movie that has stood the test of time. It captured and--in my opinion--still captures people's imaginations in a profound way. Specifically, the movies offers a powerful allegory for the process of realizing spiritual freedom. I Continue Reading

The Pathological Narcissist Who Can’t Really Love

The post The Pathological Narcissist Who Can’t Really Love appeared first on Getting Past Your Breakup. Read entire story here. Continue Reading

The Psychological Effects of Stealthing – Yes, It’s a Big Deal

by Andrea Blundell A sexual encounter sees you the victim of stealthing.  You are upset, but you didn’t catch an STI, you aren’t pregnant, so you decide the best thing is to just put it behind you. But it’s not always that easy. Stealthing can take a Continue Reading

Difference of Opinion? How Not to Let It Ruin Your Friendships

We are living through difficult and uncertain times. And this can mean we are all more sensitive than usual. How can you make sure a difference of opinion doesn’t ruin the friendships you’ve spent years nurturing?  How to have a Continue Reading

8 Habits of Healthy Relationships

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POWERFUL MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO By Sandeep Maheshwari | Best Motivational Quotes

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Spiritual Breakthroughs Class: What to Do

Spiritual breakthroughs are possible all the time.Why?Reality is here all the time.A spiritual breakthrough is simply a moment where we see a bit more of reality, and this typically leads to a time of processing. Processing means that we have to Continue Reading

What Hurts? What Helps? Who Am I At The End of the Day?

The post What Hurts? What Helps? Who Am I At The End of the Day? appeared first on Getting Past Your Breakup. Read entire story here. Continue Reading

Keep Having Nightmares Lately? What it Means for Mental Health

Keep having nightmares, and wondering how connected bad dreams and mental health really are? And if there is any good side to the situation? Why do I keep having nightmares? Bad dreams can sometimes have a physical cause. It’s important to rule Continue Reading

Personal Space – Why You Need Less or More Than Others

Been accused of being clingy or standoffish? Or just told you don’t seem to respect other’s personal space, and you aren’t sure what that’s about? What is personal space? Personal space is the distance each person needs between their body and other Continue Reading

How I Overcame Low Self-Esteem | The REAL Way to Build Confidence

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The Lesser-Known Symptoms of Depression

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The Master and the Sea of Kurbus

After some time teaching in a village, a woman known to many as a Great Master decided to journey away. The local villagers begged her to stay because during her time there, the village's fortunes had dramatically improved. But the master knew Continue Reading

Grief and the Loss of a Pet – Why Does it Hurt so Much?

by Andrea Blundell Recently experienced the loss of a pet to old age, illness, or an accident? And feeling devastated? Why does the loss of a pet feel so much worse than I expected? The idea that an animal we bring into our lives is ‘just a pet’ is a Continue Reading

The Different Love Languages – Which One is Yours?

Sometimes feel like you and your partner or spouse speak different languages, it’s just that hard to connect these days? While you might be…. different love languages, that is. What are ‘love languages’? The concept was created by American Continue Reading

InBrief: Early Childhood Mental Health

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How your THOUGHTS Create or Destroy Your SELF CONFIDENCE | Ed Mylett

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The Fires of Transformation Class

The fire is real.I sometimes describe the experience of spiritual transformation as feeling like one is on fire. Few people can allow themselves to stay in the fire long enough to burn away old conditioning.Additionally, modern society has built Continue Reading