Being Free of Suffering Is Not Happiness

On the path to spiritual freedom, you'll notice that spiritual freedom teachers talk in a lot of "negatives." We talk in what things are NOT or what we don't have.So I may talk about letting go of attachments to your mother. You no longer have them. Continue Reading

Boundaries & Standards In Relationships

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Respect Me or GTFO

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Kids and Face Coverings – Does it Hurt Their Mental Health?

Want your child to wear a mask, but worried you’d be doing the right thing when it comes to their wellbeing? Or has your child not been themselves lately? And you suspect it relates to mask wearing?  Do face coverings for kids affect their mental Continue Reading

Thinking vs Feeling – Which One is Holding You Back?

by Andrea Blundell Do you overanalyse everything? Or are you more the type to be an emotional wreck? Between thinking vs feeling, what one is holding you back more, and what might that mean for your mental health? Thinking vs feeling – do you Continue Reading

Relationship Problems? This Marriage Advice Saved My Relationship & Will Change Your Life

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????????? ?????? ?? ????? ????? ????? | Self Help Groups (SHG) social security scheme

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Choosing, Allowing, or Seeking Happiness

Our relationship to happiness is an interesting one. Being happy is one of many people's biggest goals, and yet people often struggle with being happy. It's one of the goals many spiritual seekers have and why they come to the spiritual Continue Reading

Intro to Spiritual Freedom Class

Almost no one is ready to properly understand spiritual freedom. Again and again, I've had people come to me unprepared, and this class (subsequent classes) is meant to help prepare you for something that makes no sense to the dominant Western Continue Reading

Is it a ‘Superiority Complex’ that’s the Problem?

Is a colleague or acquaintance so full of themselves it makes you want to scream? Alway bragging and showing off? Is it a superiority complex, or something different? And why does it matter? The original definition of ‘superiority complex’ A Continue Reading

How to Stand Up For Yourself – 9 Steps That Really Help

by Andrea Blundell Is there a situation in your life you’ve let go on for far too long? And you know you need to stand up for yourself? Where to start? 9 Steps to standing up for yourself in life 1. Make sure you’ve read the situation right. Continue Reading

The Power of Positive Thinking | Helen Peterson | TEDxDhahranHighSchool

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The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental health | Julia Rucklidge | TEDxChristchurch

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Your Beliefs Are Not Real

It is a strange time that we live in. Thanks to the Internet, we can disseminate all kinds of information across all kinds of borders to people of all walks of life--so long as they can access the Internet. This is wonderful!However, we can also Continue Reading

Why You Need to Learn How to Delegate (and What Might be Holding You Back)

An avid ‘do-it-yourselfer’? Can’t be bothered to ask for help at work, home, or in relationships? Refusing to learn how to delegate means you are missing out on a powerful tool of personal growth. Learn how to delegate to reap these Continue Reading

Depression and Relationships – 10 Ways One Affects the Other

by Andrea Blundell Acting differently with your partner and can’t stop? Or dating someone who is not themselves lately, and wonder if it is depression? What is it you need to know about depression and relationships?  Depressed, or sad? We all Continue Reading


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The Dark Side of Self Improvement | Suzanne Eder | TEDxWilmington

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The Humbling Process in Becoming a True Teacher

Anyone who realizes anything on this spiritual path typically goes through a humbling process.It's humbling to see that we aren't who we thought we were.It's humbling to see that many of our assumptions about life aren't true.It's Continue Reading

Cosmetic Surgery and Mental Health – Can You Cope?

Dream of doing an optional cosmetic procedure, in hopes it will change your life? Cosmetic surgery and mental health are deeply connected, and there are many things to consider before an operation.  The positive effects of plastic surgery When it Continue Reading

“Why Am I So Mean to My Partner?”

by Andrea Blundell Nice to others, but once you are alone with your partner, another side roars out? Keep asking yourself, ‘why am I so mean to my partner?’ Why can’t I stop being so mean?  It’s a loaded question. And the answer might be Continue Reading

Self Help Groups (SHG) and NABARD's SHG Bank Linkage

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Benefits of being in a self help group

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When Success No Longer Interests You

People spend a lot of time trying to succeed.They try to succeed at looking attractive.They try to succeed at making money.They try to succeed at winning argumentsThey try to succeed at starting a family.They try to succeed at maintaining a Continue Reading