Thoughts and Ponderings 2/7/2016

Wisdom sometimes is the byproduct of the mistakes we make, learning through the experiences we have in life. The old adage that wisdom comes with age kind of points that exact line of reasoning. As we go through life  and grow older we make many mistakes, if we learn by those mistakes then we gain wisdom.  Though there is many forms wisdom may come in and many sources for wisdom to spring from, learning through trial and error is the most common. Learn from you experiences of life and try not to repeat the mistakes of your past. Forgive all … [Read Entire Story]

Thought of the day 12-15-2015

Time passes quickly, a lifetime is not as long as it appears when we are young. So knowing life is but a short journey, how would you want to remembered? Do you just want to live life existing? Or would you rather do something meaningful and that you love or enjoy? Service to your fellow human beings is one avenue you could choose. So many ways you could server others, it could be creating something to make life easier, a cure for a… [Read Entire Story]

Encouraging your Discouraged Friend

Originally posted on amaeguerrero: There would be time that someone would call you, ask for your help and encouragement. He/she would entail every detail to you and he/she just can’t hold the heaviness of his/her heart and cry it out. And you don’t have any idea how to ease that pain. Only being emphatic is the  closest way to atleast carry off the burden. All you could do is to listen to his/her story and tap his/her back and share an undying encouragement. It’s not easy to see someone in trouble especially if he/she is close to your heart. But be with him/her in his/her journey. Don’t leave him/her in such … [Read Entire Story]

Random thoughts 8-7-2014

Life is but a short walk through a garden, so enjoy the view and be kind to the other visitors. We all have been blessed with a chance to experience life, yet many of us do not realize the value of this gift and there are those they don’t recognize the rights of others to live. Such a shame that this late in the game we still have to deal with fear,hate and inequality. With all our advances in the sciences and in education we still are yet  immature emotionally or lack the mental capacity to overcome our fear of differences and the unknown. Life is short, why do we waste so much time fighting over land and … [Read Entire Story]

This world can keep us so sidetracked and confused

Who’s Interests are you serving? Who’s will are you following? Is it Gods or is it your own? If it is to Glorify yourself or to gain wealth and or worldly possession along with position or power then more than likely you are serving your own interests and will. This  is not to say that God would not want you to have a comfortable lifestyle or some kind of position etc., but the point is how you got there. Did you follow his will and get rewarded with these blessings or did you put God on the back burner and sought out these things because of greed and lust for power etc. To surrender to… [Read Entire Story]

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Evolutionary Thinking

Originally posted on Tods Blog/ today on Tod…….: Here I am. I had to do some evolutionary thinking today. I had to call upon my Evolutionary Thinker. View originalFiled under: Writings [Read Entire Story]

Random Thoughts on Tuesday 1/21/2014

Just get up and get it done, there is enough time to rest and have fun after its done. Don’t allow your ego or your desire to overload your senses to get in the way of what be done. Flee from procrastination and embrace responsibility, for procrastination only brings either more work to do later or more complications to deal with. … [Read Entire Story]

Control your path in life

There are those whom seek out love, acceptance and security in others, this is not a bad thing unless it is the only place you seek and find them. Some people can not find love, acceptance or security within their own being, this seems to create a very bad behavior pattern. They float from one lover to another seeking out what they … [Read Entire Story]

Not I.

If a man chooses to believe differently than me then am I to hate him for his choice? If a person were to hate me for my beliefs should I hate him back? Why is is we can not see the commandment to love one another is one of the important ones. We are to love one another unconditionally and to accept one another as is. For no man or woman walks this earth without sin nor do 2 people think and believe exactly alike. We have no right to judge for that is not our place, we are to help one… [Read Entire Story]

Just some thoughts that hit me in a dream

Embrace who you are, be that special person God has made you to be. All of your life experiences be they good or bad helped make you into the person you are today and God has been nudging you in the right directions since birth. Some may had to be born poor, others had to be born into wealth, some had to be male … [Read Entire Story]

What is the key to success?

Reblogged from amaeguerrero: I got a simple solution: Doing what is more than required. No one can pay off hard work and effort. Even bunch of money cannot tantamount to it. So the only way to smell the sweet aroma of success is the willingness to do what is more than required. It is the willingness of doing the best. It is the willingness of excelling in your field. Read more… 209 more words [Read Entire Story]

Turning the Impossible into Possibility

Reblogged from faith1stministry: … If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.—Mark 9:23 (KJV) Can you believe God? Can you hold on to the promise of His Word? Regardless of the circumstance, that is what we as Believers have to do and it is what the Lord expects us to do. Otherwise, what is the alternative, failure and defeat? Read more… 703 more words [Read Entire Story]

Thank you for being a part of my life

To all my readers, friends, family and extended family, I pray that you have a merry Christmas. I also pray that in the new year to come you find peace within yourself, love for all living things including yourself. May you be guided by the hand of god and may his love fill your heart and lives. Know that I love every single one of you and that I know I have been blessed to have all… [Read Entire Story]