3 Refreshed Spiritual Awakening Blog Posts

I’ve been writing this blog for more than 9 years, so occasionally, I go back to some older posts to refresh them, syncing them up with my current way of discussing the spiritual path.Here are 3 posts that have had a refresh. Enjoy!What Is a Spiritual Awakening?Assigning Your Pain to Another5 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening [Read Entire Story]

How to Start Your Spiritual Journey

Today, I am offering a spirituality blog post for all of you just starting out or starting over on your spiritual journeys. And let's not under-estimate the importance of starting over, shall we? Because many people will have been spiritual or religious people their whole lives, and then one day, you realize you don't know a thing, not one important thing. Suddenly, all the spiritual practices and ideas and robes and spiritual names come crashing down, and you feel like you're naked in a field with nothing to hold onto. This spirituality post is also for you.When most people start their spiritual journeys, they are oriented externally. What I mean is that they have learned from society that their "answers" … [Read Entire Story]

The Embittering Process

The embittering process is the path on which people become more hard-hearted, cold, cynical, and closed. It is the path that most people are on.But they don't know it. It starts simply by having a difficult experience that you can't handle or don't want to handle. That pain gets stuck in you. As a result, you tend to… [Read Entire Story]

The Return of the Ego

I want to start out by re-emphasizing that we'll always have an ego so long as we're in a human body. It is not an inherently bad thing. I define the ego as a lens to process immense amounts of physical, emotional, energetic, and mental information. That lens helps us to decide what is useful and what is not. An itch at the bottom of my foot can be ignored. A sharp stabbing pain means that I should see what I stepped on.However, there are many unconscious layers… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Melting Into Oneness

I've talked a lot about oneness on this spirituality blog, but I thought it was time to have a webinar about the topic. I know people have a lot of questions, and there's a lot of perceptions that this space will make us always feel good and always give us everything we want. But … [Read Entire Story]

Avoiding Parts of Your Spiritual Work

Many of you will become very adept at certain tools and addressing certain issues within you. This is a wonderful thing. Having accepted that certain issues needed to be addressed, you found the spiritual tools to help you open, accept, embrace, and release these issues. Each time you've let go, you've found more of yourself in return, and there may even be a sense of accomplishment that is trying to grow up here–but don't pay too much attention to that.However, we are dynamic individuals with multiple aspects. As such, we heal and expand in many ways and on multiple levels on the spiritual path. Where one tool was the elixir of life and the salve for our wounds on one level, it… [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Thoughts: The Circle

My student, Jackie, shares some of her latest thoughts about the nature of life and the intertwining of spirituality with all that is. I hope you enjoy it.You can find more of her thoughts and some thoughts from some of my other students on this link:Thoughts from StudentsAlso, [Read Entire Story]

Awakening and the Return of Normality

This is probably one of the spiritual blog posts many of you have been waiting for me to write. You've been wondering, "When do things go back to normal after awakening?" Well, they don't. Not really. But there can be a leveling off of the intensities. The flow becomes more regular, and it feels more stable. Some of you may almost feel like nothing has changed, but this is not the truth. All of life is change, and depending on how you've embraced or not this profound [Read Entire Story]

Love and the Search for Validation

Early in life we get taught to seek love outside of ourselves. It is probably inevitable because our initial phases of being in this human body involve us being completely dependent on others for several years. It gets hard-coded into us to get things from others just to survive. And it is always going to be true that for sustenance and shelter we need to rely on the external world to a large degree. That's why the… [Read Entire Story]

Love and Power

Love and power aren't commonly combined, or if so, it's usually in only the most misunderstood and juvenile of ways. Love is power, and power is love the deeper you drop into the truth. But it's not about giving everyone hugs and kisses. The truth is–and those of you who regularly read this blog already know–that love can hurt. Love can be a tough taskmaster because sometimes we need a heavy hammer … [Read Entire Story]

The Newness and Uncertainty After Releasing an Issue

Whether you are moving through a spiritual awakening, healing, or going through a spiritual growth spurt, you may have the wonderful experience of releasing an issue. Congratulations! You probably have already felt the release, the openness, and maybe a surge of "you" that makes you feel fresh, vibrant, and alive. It is truly amazing what we feel when we allow ourselves the permission to be ourselves. So much of the spiritual path is much more of an uncovery than a discovery. We are uncovering ourselves buried beneath the rubble of ideas, karma, pain, trauma, and suffering.But we've always… [Read Entire Story]

Wealth usually distracts one from a spiritual path

What Drives you? The Possessions, Trinkets and Wealth? Power and control of those around you? Fame and popularity? love and the wellbeing of every living Creature? Are your goals and is your path one of selfishness or is it one of selflessness and compassion? Are you a Materialistic Individual or do you pursue the path of an Academic or of a Spiritual and religious nature? These questions can only be answered by you and which you choose is solely up to you. Just think heavily… [Read Entire Story]

Breaking the Glass

Sometimes I like to step all the way back. I like to bring this blog back to the beginning–to where most people are. They're still locked in their ideas of themselves. They're in solid glass statues or tiny capsules unable to move but completely convinced of their flexibility and freedom. Stuck in place, life continues to show them the same lessons over and over, but instead of learning from these lessons, these people assume … [Read Entire Story]

Misinformed and Over-Informed Spiritual Seekers

One of the most relieving aspects of the spiritual path for many people is that you don't have to know anything to walk it. You don't have to be smart, remember spiritual principles, or practice for years on end. You simply allow yourself to be. This, of course, is not a passive place of being because life is dynamic. The river allows itself to be, but it is constantly flowing and shifting, which it allows without question.As many of you have gone on your spiritual journeys, some of you may have gone astray with misinformation… [Read Entire Story]

Awake: A Student’s Story

Today I have the pleasure of sharing my student, Brandy's, awakening experience. I love it because it does a wonderful job of conveying the simplicity of awakening, and I love being able to share it with all of you to remind that awakening doesn't need 30 years of meditation, a specific chant, a perfect guru, or any of that. You don't even have to [Read Entire Story]

Attachment Versus Engagement: How We Learn to Be in the World and Not Lost in it

One of the most commonly confused spiritual terms is that of attachment. Because society has confused attachment as a kind of commitment and not being attached as a kind of passive, laissez-faire attitude, the idea of letting go of attachment sounds like lunacy. It sounds like you'd stop caring for your kids and go run out and join a traveling circus.Once again, we need to pause and look at our definitions. On the spiritual path, we look to see what definitions and strictures we've constructed around us. We always have to ask ourselves if this definition is helping me to better engage and know my inner and outer worlds. Or is this definition limiting my perspective and my view of myself and … [Read Entire Story]

Awakened and Untethered from Spiritual Doctrine

A funny thing happens when people wake up spiritually; they suddenly see the truth. They can see the truth about the relationships around them. They can see the truth about love. They can see the truth of the world around them. They see the many things are made-up because they can see what is real.When an awakened soul looks at any spiritual tradition, religion, or other structured path, they can see the truth here as well, and this is a powerful thing. Because now, the individual can find the truth and tools they really need and leave the useless doctrine that only serves egos [Read Entire Story]

Discovering Your Commitment to Pain

We have to be brutally honest with ourselves on the spiritual path. More often than naught, we are completely committed to being in pain.This tends to be really shocking, and most of you may not believe me. Those of you who have discovered this truth already understand the feelings of self-betrayal and anger that may arise as you gain awareness to how much you've sold yourself out. But in this realization is the light of awareness. In seeing all the ways that you repeat painful cycles and get lost in illusions, you now can break free.Outlining All Your LiesRead more » [Read Entire Story]

The Rhythm of Resting in Awakened Awareness

After the awakening transition subsides, life falls into its more regular rhythms. There are good times and bad times. People still cut you off in traffic, and other people talk about you behind your back. You are in no way a “perfect” human being, but such a phrase means little to you anymore. You are resting in your spiritual awareness. In this place, you can see how people act and react from their unconscious programming. What people say and do to you is rarely ever about you; it’s simply a reflection of the world they see and… [Read Entire Story]