Glimpses of Awakening

Many, many people have glimpses of awakening. More than a few of you probably can instantly recall these moments where suddenly you felt filled with love, peace, or silence. It's like a window opened up inside you, and you were bathed in light. Then, for whatever reason, that window … [Read Entire Story]

Feeling Unable to Receive Love

You know one of the most common issues people have? They can't receive love. They can't receive love from others. They can't receive love from God, and they certainly can't receive love from themselves. They are completely love anorexic. Cut off from love, everything is hateful, and the whole world is hurtful. It becomes a horrible type of tunnel vision, and if it gets really bad, the only way out seems to be death.In this society, many people come to me with no capacity for love, and it's why many students never really … [Read Entire Story]