Learning to Address Blocks Correctly

This blog post shares a recent video about addressing blockages.One of the key concepts in this video is that we chose our blockages. While we make these choices unconsciously, it is important to appreciate that different issues and blockages to which we're attached are chosen and reinforced by us.Why do we do this?Well, imagine if you got shouted at every time you spoke up as a kid. Pretty soon, you have a serious blockage in your throat. Why is … [Read Entire Story]

Healing from Illusions and Attachments

People commonly only think about healing in regards to abuse and trauma, but there are much deeper wounds than those. Below are three more important levels of healing.There is healing wounds from upsetting experiences like a bad divorce, losing a job, and so forth.There is healing wounds from common issues like needing to be attractive, fearing loneliness, desiring success, feeling worthless, and more.And there is healing… [Read Entire Story]

Has God Turned His Back on You?

One of the powerful and powerfully uncomfortable feelings that some people have during an awakening is the feeling that God has turned his back on them (Please understand that "his" is a conceit to English language–I don't believe in any gender for God). It typically comes after the bliss stage of awakening. People tend to crash land into their issues, and … [Read Entire Story]

5 Motivational Tips To Keep You Going Through Tough Issues

Dealing with many internal issues can take us into some tough stuff. It can feel like grinding our way through an iceberg, and whenever we get into these old pains, this is when we hear the ego screaming the loudest. It shouts, "I never should have done this spiritual healing thing," or "Why did a spiritual awakening have to happen to me?"And it has many other shouts, threats, fears, and additional issues that it piles on top of whatever issue you may be working… [Read Entire Story]

The Embittering Process

The embittering process is the path on which people become more hard-hearted, cold, cynical, and closed. It is the path that most people are on.But they don't know it. It starts simply by having a difficult experience that you can't handle or don't want to handle. That pain gets stuck in you. As a result, you tend to… [Read Entire Story]

How to Find and Release Physical Pain During a Spiritual Awakening

For my awakening friends, you probably have found some surprising pains stuck in your body as you've gone through your spiritual shifts and realizations. It can be quite a shock to discover how much pain you've been living in, and of course, physical pain is one of the hardest things with which to come to peace. Everything in our anatomy says that we should fix physical pain more so than most any mental… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Energy and Life Shifts After Healing an Issue

I spend a great deal of time on this spiritual website helping people get to the point where they can engage with an issue to heal it. But guess what? Once something shifts, you're not really done. You're now in a new space, and the deeper fear of the unknown that abides in many people can turn this amazing opportunity to grow into a threat. Additionally, the rawness and vulnerability that people often feel can be unsettling, and it is an important practice to know how to sit in this space of greater openness and clarity to allow … [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Your Body and Awakening

Most of the long lists of awakening symptoms that you may have seen tend to comprise body ailments, but let's be honest with ourselves: not every sneeze we have is attributable to a spiritual awakening. In this webinar, I hope to debunk some of that as well as help you identify body sensations that are actually attributable to a spiritual awakening or spiritual shift. From there, we can talk about how to make adjustments to your life or spiritual practice in a way that addresses root causes instead of trying to ameliorate superficial symptoms (no matter how… [Read Entire Story]

Piercing the Wound

You know what you're in for with this spirituality blog post. We're not dancing around issues. We're not coddling egos. We're going straight for it. Until a wound is pierced and the inner damage is seen, it will continue to be a wound. No alcohol, spiritual mantra, psychological coping mechanism, or any other tool can cover it up for long. This must be done. This is the courage required of you on the spiritual path.I often describe our wounds like broken bones. You cannot truly live with broken bones in your body. Your entire life has been compromised. But this is what we try to do. We also try to blame other people and the world… [Read Entire Story]

Identify, Accept, Embrace, and Let Go

What I'm about to offer in this blog post isn't revolutionary. It's been done before. Really, all spiritual tools and techniques have been done before. Any time I hear someone trumping a tool as the latest and greatest thing, I am more than a little skeptical. That's not even the right word. It's not skepticism. I simply know that all these tools are leading us back to the simplicity of letting go, and they're all really the same thing.As such, I am happy to announce this is NOT the latest and greatest thing. You most likely have and/or will find other people saying the exact same things with different … [Read Entire Story]

Limiting Beliefs and Core Beliefs

Beliefs and belief systems offer us a broad way to interpret a lot of life experiences, feelings, and sensations and to generally make sense of things. They aren't inherently troublesome things. But by and large, beliefs aren't being used to help us to open and flourish. We use our beliefs to protect and defend ourselves, which typically has the outcome of… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Spiritual Healing and Self Transformation

Too often people think of healing as something that arises when something is broken. Rather as we continue on our spiritual paths, we simply accept that some things need mending and even breaking open as part of our natural spiritual growth. With that said, there are more than a few things that are seriously out-of-whack and unhealthy in many people, which is why just about anyone on the spiritual path will do … [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Healing

I hear the term "spiritual healing" from time to time, but it's not a term I usually use. I usually just say, "healing." That, to me, is enough, especially in a world where everything is spiritual–everything is interconnected. I also see healing as an essential part of everyone's… [Read Entire Story]

The Return Home

The return home amidst spiritual awakening or generally for anyone on the spiritual path can be metaphorical as well as quite literal. I've seen it cut both ways depending on the help, support, and inner healing someone requires. In essence, the idea is that you are returning to the beginning. You are going down to the root causes of your social programming and finding the things that do not align with love and truth and beauty. You are going here because there's no way to build any kind of a new home for yourself if the foundation is still full of… [Read Entire Story]

Involuntary Resistance Coming to Light

Much of the spiritual path, especially in awakening, is about bringing awareness–bringing your own inner light–to shine fully on yourself. The darkness exists and persists where we refuse to look and refuse to go. It is by its nature a creature that lives in the negative spaces–the spaces where other things aren't. That's why it is so important to have courage to look deeply within yourself again and again. It is so important to… [Read Entire Story]

Where It All Went Wrong

Going Off TrackAs many people follow their spiritual paths, they often find a moment or several moments in their past where things went wrong. There was a traumatic event. There was a fork in the road. And you took the path that led you away from yourself. It happens. There is no blame or shame in this, but in returning to yourself and to your power, the path of healing will take you back to those moments with all the sensations, emotions, and memories that are stored in… [Read Entire Story]

The Return to Inner Stability

And then…and then you come back to a regular inner resting point.Ahhhhhhhh…the long sigh of relief. The seas have steadied. The inner shifting has quieted. Thank God. Oh thank God, I’m stable at last.I know many of you want and need to hear this. In truth, we all come to whatever amount of stability or continued shifting that is natural for us. Much like trees, bushes, and all plants come to a kind of adulthood, we too come to that space where growth continues, but on a much less … [Read Entire Story]