Ego Dissolving and Death

Realizing spiritual freedom is a subtractive game. We subtract attachments to realize the freedom that we already are.Too often, people get stuck in an additive game. They add beliefs, practices, clothing, soulmates, gurus/teachers, and more to make them “feel” spiritual. But this does not work. This is how a spiritual ego gets created. It covers up ego attachments and enables a whole variety of desires and fears. This continues a person’s suffering.Dissolving the ego is like wanting to find more space in your home. If you want to do that, you don’t buy new… [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Small Bites: Doubt

Doubt is one of the great absurdities of the ego. I’m not talking about doubting ideas and conjecture. There are lots of ways that questioning the words of another are important with so many people speaking falsities and half-truths.No, I’m talking about when doubt arises in the face of what you are actually experiencing. I’m talking about how people doubt their own truth and their own pain.For instance, a powerful memory re-emerges, and the person doesn’t want to believe it. When someone remembers repressed childhood trauma, it often upsets their ideas of their family life, who their parents and siblings are, … [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Depression and Unconscious Ego Resistance After Awakening

Once again, I return to the post bliss state story of awakening. I get to talk about this part a lot because far fewer people go searching for answers when they're in spiritual bliss compared to when they drop into what I'll call today, "spiritual depression."And the story is the same as most of the … [Read Entire Story]

The Number One Ego Issue

Our unconscious egos can seem to offer us an endless array of issues to sort through. It can seem like you've no sooner tackled one than another issue pops up, leaving you in an endless game of ego whack-a-mole. But the deeper you go, the simpler things become. And the further you journey inwards, the more you find that it really is the same main issue that is being dealt with again and again in a hundred masks.Nonetheless, I encourage you to respect your process. If you need to understand why you are choosing certain toxic relationships or bad job … [Read Entire Story]

The Return of the Ego

I want to start out by re-emphasizing that we'll always have an ego so long as we're in a human body. It is not an inherently bad thing. I define the ego as a lens to process immense amounts of physical, emotional, energetic, and mental information. That lens helps us to decide what is useful and what is not. An itch at the bottom of my foot can be ignored. A sharp stabbing pain means that I should see what I stepped on.However, there are many unconscious layers… [Read Entire Story]