Ego Dissolving and Death

Realizing spiritual freedom is a subtractive game. We subtract attachments to realize the freedom that we already are.Too often, people get stuck in an additive game. They add beliefs, practices, clothing, soulmates, gurus/teachers, and more to make them “feel” spiritual. But this does not work. This is how a spiritual ego gets created. It covers up ego attachments and enables a whole variety of desires and fears. This continues a person’s suffering.Dissolving the ego is like wanting to find more space in your home. If you want to do that, you don’t buy new… [Read Entire Story]

Grieving a Lost Loved One

Death is one of the most challenging and potentially most liberating parts of human existance. In our own death, we may finally let go of all the attachments we've had and move into our liberated energy state–the state of our soul. But in the death of those dear to us, we can also find liberation from attachments and ideas about how life should flow because clearly life does not flow by any man or woman's design. Deeper patterns and intelligence are at work, and even though we often do not see these patterns clearly, if ever, there [Read Entire Story]