Brainstorm Spiritual Community Ideas with Me!

Western Culture seems to be defined by this statement now-a-days:The individual must work and consume.The emphasis is on three things here: individuality, working, and consumption.You’ll notice that community, family, cooperation, environment, health, and many other things are not in that sentence. And I totally realize that many of you do not focus your entire lives on hyper-individuality/selfishness, working, and consuming as many things, substances, and experiences as possible… [Read Entire Story]

Connecting in Spiritual Partnership

I'm interested in creating all kinds of spiritual partnerships with people. Some of the common types I'm interested in developing include volunteers, collaborators on workshops and webinars, practitioners to refer students to, publishers, and more.However, the basis of spiritual partnership is connection, so let's start there.Do you feel connected to me and my work?Before answering too quickly and clicking the link below to connect, be sure to have read and watched more than a few of my posts and videos. Some people get initially very excited about me after reading one post or watching one video, but their … [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Understanding, Processing, and Breaking Triggers

Many of you have had the experience of knowing you should do or say something differently and then watching yourself act out an old unhealthy pattern. It's like something hits a button, and you go on autopilot, which often leads to a crash and burn. This is what I mean when I say, "You've been triggered."These triggers are a ball of mental, emotional, physical, and instinctual patterning that seem to happen "naturally." Naturally is in quotes because it is not a natural state of flow where your awareness is open … [Read Entire Story]

Berkeley Rose Garden Spirituality Talk

This August I'll be offering a free spirituality talk about "Finding Your Soul's Purpose" at the Berkeley Rose Garden. It's part of my next steps in doing more work locally. If you are interested in having me do a talk for your group or are willing to hosting a talk, feel free to message me through my contact page.Spirituality Talk and Meditation DetailsRead more » [Read Entire Story]