Reaching Out Hard? 12 Keys to Getting Support

by Andrea Blundell Read advice that tells you that if you feel low, just ‘reach out’? But attempts you have made (if any) have gone poorly and left you feeling bad? Reaching out is a skill that not all of us learned as a child or were encouraged to do. On a good note, skills … [Read Entire Story]

On Each Other’s Nerves? How to Navigate “Coronavirus Relationship Conflict”

by Andrea Blundell Is being cooped up during a pandemic about to ruin your relationship? How to navigate conflict when self-isolating together? 10 Ways to Navigate Conflict in Lockdown 1. Lower expectations. Thought coronavirus lockdown would be a time of great bonding, only to find it’s a time of great bickering? Cut yourself and the … [Read Entire Story]

Keep Making the Same Mistake Again and Again?

From small things like continuing to overspend when you know you are in debt, to bigger issues like picking unhealthy relationships every time, what is it that drives you to keep making the same mistake?  Blame it on Your Brain? Our brains might be designed to repeat mistakes, creating what are called ‘mistake pathways’. Although … [Read Entire Story]

Letting Go and Moving On Hard? This Might Be Why

Holding onto partners and friendships long past their expiry date? Or can’t seem to leave a depressing job?  Letting go and moving on is never easy. But if you find it harder than most, it might mean there are deeper issues at play. Just not the letting go and moving on type?  Yes, personality can … [Read Entire Story]

Never Ask for Help? 9 Real Reasons You Always Go It Alone

by Andrea Blundell Are you the type who does everything by yourself? And even if it leaves you exhausted, never ask for help? Because it just seems easier somehow not to? Never allowing support can be a form of self-sabotage. And if you feel guilty or scared to ask for help, then there will be … [Read Entire Story]

Is Emotional Intensity Ruining Your Relationships?

by Andrea Blundell Think you are good at connecting and intimacy, but somehow always losing friends and partners and feeling alone? You might be mistaking emotional intensity for intimacy. What is emotional intensity? If you are emotionally intense, you will experience feelings in a bigger, more immediate way than an average person. Everything just seems … [Read Entire Story]

Attention-Seeking Behaviour – Guiltier Than You Realise?

Have you been accused of attention-seeking behaviour? What might this look like, why would you do it, and what can be done to turn a need for attention into something more beneficial? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell addresses this important issue. What is attention-seeking behaviour? Some kinds of attention seeking are more obvious than … [Read Entire Story]

Christmas Dinner Anxiety? Therapy Tools to Manage Like a Boss

Christmas dinner with your partner’s family for the first time, and have serious holiday stress? Or just want this to finally be the year you don’t react to your parent’s prodding? Counsellors and psychotherapists are pros at navigating other people. Editor Andrea Blundell helps you learn some of their tools so you can get through … [Read Entire Story]

Dreading Seeing Your Dysfunctional Family? How to Prepare

Dread seeing your dysfunctional family at the holidays? Does it go pear-shaped every year, leaving you mired in frustration and guilt? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell explores tips to help you navigate your family gathering. 7 Ways to Prepare for Seeing Your Dysfunctional Family 1. Lower your expectations. A lot. Yes, your great longing … [Read Entire Story]

9 Lesser Known Signs of Commitment Issues – It’s Not Just Your Relationships

We all know that if we have endless short relationships we likely have commitment issues. But fear of commitment can manifest in other areas of our life, too. So if you are hiding behind a disconnected, unhappy relationship but know there is something wrong, it’s time to look with a wider perspective. Editor and lead … [Read Entire Story]

People Pleaser? 12 Signs You Are One (and Why)

Have you been called a people pleaser, and you aren’t sure it is true? Or how you ended up this way? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell explores. What is a people pleaser? So what is the meaning of ‘people pleaser’? It refers to a constant need to put others needs before your own. This … [Read Entire Story]

“I Don’t Belong” – Can’t Find Your Place in the World?

Constantly left feeling, “I don’t belong?” Even when surrounded by so-called ‘friends’? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell explores the issue of ‘belongingness’.  What is belonging? Belonging is defined as feeling part of a group, whether that is a family, a set of friends, or a workplace. Psychologist Abraham Maslow, in his famous model about … [Read Entire Story]

Being Single and Mental Health – 10 Traps to Watch For

Being single is one of the biggest demographic changes of recent years. The consensus by the  Office for National Statistics shows that 35% of the UK population of over 16s are now single, while the percentage of those who are married has been on a steady decline for over a decade. In America, almost half the … [Read Entire Story]

Dating Someone with Aspergers – What Helps?

Started a relationship, only to discover you are dating someone with Aspergers? Lead writer Andrea Blundell explores how to cope when your partner is on the autism spectrum. 1. Remember he or she is still an individual. Nobody is their diagnosis.  They are first and foremost an individual who happens to be diagnosed with autism … [Read Entire Story]

Healthy Relationships – Is It One? Ingredients to Look For

In a healthy relationship… or not? Are you even that sure what one looks like? And why does healthy relating even matter? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell explores this popular topic. Why healthy relationships are important We might want to think we ‘don’t need anyone’, but research would say otherwise. A study from Michigan State … [Read Entire Story]

How to Get Someone to Like You Back

Really want someone you work with or go to school with to like you, and not sure where to start? How to get someone to like you back? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell explores.  The big truth about how to get someone to like you back No matter how many internet articles or Youtube … [Read Entire Story]

Always Moving Too Fast in a Relationship? 9 Reasons Why

Most of us know that one couple who rushed in and stayed together. But for the most part, moving too fast in a relationship and relying on sudden infatuation is an experience that ends as quickly as it began – and often with a bump. What makes you the sort who always promises ‘never again’ but then can’t … [Read Entire Story]

Keeping Secrets From Family – Is it Always Bad?

Keeping secrets from family is not only distracting, it can stop us from connecting to others and leave us lonely and misunderstood. But if you have a secret, do you owe it to your family to share it? Not necessarily. Why do we keep secrets ? There are, sadly, those amongst us who keep secrets … [Read Entire Story]

Everyone Else’s Fault? How to Stop Projecting Feelings Onto Others

What is projection anyway? You don’t want to go out for the evening, but convince  yourself the other party actually doesn’t find you interesting and that’s why you’re cancelling. You are incredibly attracted to a colleague, but get angry at them for flirting with you. In a fight with your sister you stay very calm, pointing … [Read Entire Story]

Why We Hurt the Ones We Love

It can sometime seem that the more we love a partner or friend, the more we hurt them. What makes this so often the case? 1. You trust them. When we become truly close to someone, we trust them enough we relax. Social conventions drop, and we are more of ourselves around them. Of course … [Read Entire Story]

Is Interdependency What Can Save Your Relationship?

What is interdependency? In psychology, interdependency is a way of relating that involves both parties being able to depend on each other in an egalitarian, non-demanding way. Understanding the different forms of dependency To understand interdependency, it can first help to examine the other ‘dependencies’ you might be more familiar with. Dependency is when you entirely rely … [Read Entire Story]

Doubt in Relationships – Useful or Toxic?

Doubt in relationships – a sudden fear or uncertainty about the person we are with – is inevitable and not necessarily a bad sign. Doubts can feel a shock as they tend to first surface when the high of falling in love is infiltrated by the truth that you are not so entirely simpatico with … [Read Entire Story]

The Dangers of Counterdependency – When You Never Need Anyone

What is counterdependency? Codependency, the habit of gaining your self worth from pleasing others, is something most people know of nowadays. But it’s lesser known opposite, called counterdependency, can be just as much of a problem and is often related to codependency. In fact sometimes a person will switch from one extreme to the other in … [Read Entire Story]

Why We Put the Blame On Others – and the Real Cost We Pay

By Andrea Blundell Blaming – the fine art of making others responsible for all the difficult things that happen to us – is something our modern society seems to support as perfectly acceptable. Reality TV shows force feed us scenes of one character blaming another, and newspapers are awash with stories about how all of society’s … [Read Entire Story]