9 Lesser Known Signs of Commitment Issues – It’s Not Just Your Relationships

We all know that if we have endless short relationships we likely have commitment issues. But fear of commitment can manifest in other areas of our life, too. So if you are hiding behind a disconnected, unhappy relationship but know there is something wrong, it’s time to look with a wider perspective. Editor and lead … [Read Entire Story]

People Pleaser? 12 Signs You Are One (and Why)

Have you been called a people pleaser, and you aren’t sure it is true? Or how you ended up this way? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell explores. What is a people pleaser? So what is the meaning of ‘people pleaser’? It refers to a constant need to put others needs before your own. This … [Read Entire Story]

“I Don’t Belong” – Can’t Find Your Place in the World?

Constantly left feeling, “I don’t belong?” Even when surrounded by so-called ‘friends’? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell explores the issue of ‘belongingness’.  What is belonging? Belonging is defined as feeling part of a group, whether that is a family, a set of friends, or a workplace. Psychologist Abraham Maslow, in his famous model about … [Read Entire Story]

Being Single and Mental Health – 10 Traps to Watch For

Being single is one of the biggest demographic changes of recent years. The consensus by the  Office for National Statistics shows that 35% of the UK population of over 16s are now single, while the percentage of those who are married has been on a steady decline for over a decade. In America, almost half the … [Read Entire Story]

Dating Someone with Aspergers – What Helps?

Started a relationship, only to discover you are dating someone with Aspergers? Lead writer Andrea Blundell explores how to cope when your partner is on the autism spectrum. 1. Remember he or she is still an individual. Nobody is their diagnosis.  They are first and foremost an individual who happens to be diagnosed with autism … [Read Entire Story]

Healthy Relationships – Is It One? Ingredients to Look For

In a healthy relationship… or not? Are you even that sure what one looks like? And why does healthy relating even matter? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell explores this popular topic. Why healthy relationships are important We might want to think we ‘don’t need anyone’, but research would say otherwise. A study from Michigan State … [Read Entire Story]

How to Get Someone to Like You Back

Really want someone you work with or go to school with to like you, and not sure where to start? How to get someone to like you back? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell explores.  The big truth about how to get someone to like you back No matter how many internet articles or Youtube … [Read Entire Story]

Always Moving Too Fast in a Relationship? 9 Reasons Why

Most of us know that one couple who rushed in and stayed together. But for the most part, moving too fast in a relationship and relying on sudden infatuation is an experience that ends as quickly as it began – and often with a bump. What makes you the sort who always promises ‘never again’ but then can’t … [Read Entire Story]

Keeping Secrets From Family – Is it Always Bad?

Keeping secrets from family is not only distracting, it can stop us from connecting to others and leave us lonely and misunderstood. But if you have a secret, do you owe it to your family to share it? Not necessarily. Why do we keep secrets ? There are, sadly, those amongst us who keep secrets … [Read Entire Story]

Everyone Else’s Fault? How to Stop Projecting Feelings Onto Others

What is projection anyway? You don’t want to go out for the evening, but convince  yourself the other party actually doesn’t find you interesting and that’s why you’re cancelling. You are incredibly attracted to a colleague, but get angry at them for flirting with you. In a fight with your sister you stay very calm, pointing … [Read Entire Story]

Why We Hurt the Ones We Love

It can sometime seem that the more we love a partner or friend, the more we hurt them. What makes this so often the case? 1. You trust them. When we become truly close to someone, we trust them enough we relax. Social conventions drop, and we are more of ourselves around them. Of course … [Read Entire Story]

Is Interdependency What Can Save Your Relationship?

What is interdependency? In psychology, interdependency is a way of relating that involves both parties being able to depend on each other in an egalitarian, non-demanding way. Understanding the different forms of dependency To understand interdependency, it can first help to examine the other ‘dependencies’ you might be more familiar with. Dependency is when you entirely rely … [Read Entire Story]

Doubt in Relationships – Useful or Toxic?

Doubt in relationships – a sudden fear or uncertainty about the person we are with – is inevitable and not necessarily a bad sign. Doubts can feel a shock as they tend to first surface when the high of falling in love is infiltrated by the truth that you are not so entirely simpatico with … [Read Entire Story]

The Dangers of Counterdependency – When You Never Need Anyone

What is counterdependency? Codependency, the habit of gaining your self worth from pleasing others, is something most people know of nowadays. But it’s lesser known opposite, called counterdependency, can be just as much of a problem and is often related to codependency. In fact sometimes a person will switch from one extreme to the other in … [Read Entire Story]

Why We Put the Blame On Others – and the Real Cost We Pay

By Andrea Blundell Blaming – the fine art of making others responsible for all the difficult things that happen to us – is something our modern society seems to support as perfectly acceptable. Reality TV shows force feed us scenes of one character blaming another, and newspapers are awash with stories about how all of society’s … [Read Entire Story]

10 Excuses That Hide Emotionally Abusive Relationships

Emotional abuse (also called psychological abuse or mental abuse) is any form of non-physical abuse designed to cause damage to another person’s mindset and erode their sense of wellbeing. It most often involves someone imposing their power over you in a way that attacks your sense of confidence and makes you depend on them, whether … [Read Entire Story]

Impossible Compassion: Utilizing Directed Compassion to Cure Disease, Save the Environment, Transform Relationships… and Do All Sorts of Other Good Things for Ourselves and Everyone Else

How do we end suffering in our own life and on the planet? How do we bring about seemingly impossible outcomes such as miraculously healing our self from a fatal disease, saving the environment or ending violence and war? In his second book, Edward Mannix takes on our assumptions about what is possible and impossible [More About This Book]

Neale Donald Walsch on Relationships

We are all involved in relationships. Indeed, we are all in relationship with everything and everyone, all of the time. We have a relationship with ourselves, with our family, with our environment, with our work, with each other. Everything that we know and experience about ourselves, we understand within the context created by our relationships.For [More About This Book]

7 Ways to Beat the Boredom Blues

What challenges are you currently stressing over? Is it financial problems, weight issues, depression, or a lack of energy? Could it be self-esteem or relationship problems? Those are truly legitimate concerns, but did you ever consider that many of those issues may actually be symptoms of a less obvious or hidden problem? What hidden problem? … [Read Entire Story]

Words of Wisdom from a Human Being…Who Happens to be Homeless

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The Answer is in Your Handwriting!: Your Relationships – Are They Right for You?

In this, Volume II of Dena Blatt’s Handwriting series, the author analyzes over a hundred handwriting samples from men and women asking the age-old question: “Is my partner right for me, and if not, what should I do about it?” A certified graphoanalyst (handwriting expert) since 1974 and “Dear Dena” advice columnist in True Blue [More About This Book]

Signature for Success: How to Analyze Handwriting and Improve Your Career, Your Relationships, and Your Life

Signatures and handwriting reveal more than we think or even intend. While many perceive Bill Gates as arrogant, his handwriting shows him to be determined, self-confident, and impatient, expected others to live up to his standards. And while Barbara Walters comes across as outgoing, the slant of her handwriting indicates she compensates for her basic [More About This Book]

Dance of Anger: A Woman’s Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships

The renowned classic and New York Times bestseller Anger is something we feel. It exists for a reason and always deserves our respect and attention. We all have a right to everything we feel—and certainly our anger is no exception. “Anger is a signal and one worth listening to,” writes Dr. Harriet Lerner in her [More About This Book]

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Expanded Edition: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment

The #1 New York Times smash bestseller Revised and expanded with new material. With over two million copies sold, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man has become a bestseller around the world. In conjunction with its second movie sequel to be released this summer, Steve Harvey has updated his classic with new advice [More About This Book]