Lying in Relationships – Is it Really a Big Deal?

by Andrea Blundell How serious is lying in relationships – are you overreacting? And why do you keep attracting liars? Do we all lie? An oft-quoted American study on how often we lie a day came in at between once to twice (1.65 times, to be exact). It’s true that lying is part of the … [Read Entire Story]

Stereotypes – Why We Make Them and How to Stop

It’s easy to assume that stereotypes  are ‘over there’. Something that  ‘ignorant’ and ‘bad’ people are doing, not us. But if we look at it from a psychological angle, the truth is not that simple. What is a stereotype? When we stereotype, we paint an entire group of people with the same brush. And it’s … [Read Entire Story]

Christmas Dinner Anxiety? Therapy Tools to Manage Like a Boss

Christmas dinner with your partner’s family for the first time, and have serious holiday stress? Or just want this to finally be the year you don’t react to your parent’s prodding? Counsellors and psychotherapists are pros at navigating other people. Editor Andrea Blundell helps you learn some of their tools so you can get through … [Read Entire Story]

Dreading Seeing Your Dysfunctional Family? How to Prepare

Dread seeing your dysfunctional family at the holidays? Does it go pear-shaped every year, leaving you mired in frustration and guilt? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell explores tips to help you navigate your family gathering. 7 Ways to Prepare for Seeing Your Dysfunctional Family 1. Lower your expectations. A lot. Yes, your great longing … [Read Entire Story]

Giving Constructive Feedback -7 Ways You are Getting it Wrong

Do you fancy yourself a helpful sort who is always giving constructive feedback? Yet somehow, nobody else seems to appreciate it? Are you giving constructive feedback wrong? 7 Key mistakes  Giving feedback is actually an art. Done wrong, it dwindles into not much more than criticism, judgement, blame, and ‘advice‘.  Why does [Read Entire Story]