Thoughts and Ponderings 2/7/2016

Wisdom sometimes is the byproduct of the mistakes we make, learning through the experiences we have in life. The old adage that wisdom comes with age kind of points that exact line of reasoning. As we go through life  and grow older we make many mistakes, if we learn by those mistakes then we gain wisdom.  Though there is many forms wisdom may come in and many sources for wisdom to spring from, learning through trial and error is the most common. Learn from you experiences of life and try not to repeat the mistakes of your past. Forgive all … [Read Entire Story]

Thought of the Day 11-19-2015

Wake up sleepy head and open your eyes, the world is spiraling downward. Stop dreaming and make your dreams a part of reality. The world is in need of change and it is up to all of us to enact the positive changes that is needed. Change is like a seed, it starts small and grows as time passes, plant the seeds of change, love and understanding. If we do nothing and let the world go to … [Read Entire Story]

Transient Thoughts 1/13/2015

Two hearts pass in the night and they both shine with the same light They become magnetized and memorized by the love they both share.  Though they are so different in their origins and how they view life they are so alike in what they want and need. They both beat with desire for the closeness and togetherness they now have found in one another. Neither heart is perfect nor is either of them … [Read Entire Story]

Tend to your own grass

The Grass does always seem greener on the other side of the fence, the truth is that if it is greener on the other side of the fence is because you have not maintained your own yard. Instead of being a fence jumper, we should be taking care of the lawn we have been given. If we pull the weeds and all the crab grass along with fertilizing and watering our lawn it will become the greener of the  grasses. Tend to your own grass, learn to make what you have been blessed with the lawn you always dreamed of. With anything … [Read Entire Story]

Random thoughts 8-7-2014

Life is but a short walk through a garden, so enjoy the view and be kind to the other visitors. We all have been blessed with a chance to experience life, yet many of us do not realize the value of this gift and there are those they don’t recognize the rights of others to live. Such a shame that this late in the game we still have to deal with fear,hate and inequality. With all our advances in the sciences and in education we still are yet  immature emotionally or lack the mental capacity to overcome our fear of differences and the unknown. Life is short, why do we waste so much time fighting over land and … [Read Entire Story]

We go running through life tripping over and passing up many of the blessings

Life is so temporary in the physical universe, we have but a small grain of sand from the hour-glass of time to spend. We tend to waste a lot of our time forgetting how tiny our piece of time is .We waste so much time feeding our useless EGOS and feeding our petty and temporary … [Read Entire Story]

Have love and compassion for those in need

Being humans we tend to forget how short and temporary life is. We live each day as if we have forever which makes us forget how precious life and the people we love are. We allow petty differences, arguments and selfishness to get in the way of the joy and happiness we can have and deserve. Stop worrying over your past mistakes, as long as you learned from them… [Read Entire Story]

Thought of the Day-2/1/2014

Do not worry about the sins of others, think only of the sins you commit. For we are each responsible for our own sins, not the sins of others.  This is not to say one shouldn’t try to help others in need of assistance or guidance, just that we shouldn’t judge or condemn others for sins since we too ourselves are sinners. Preaching of hellfire … [Read Entire Story]

Who and what we truly are

Why do we allow the opinions of others to effect our self-image, emotions and outlook on life. We tend to seek acceptance and reassurance from others, we learned this behavior as children. We need to see that though opinions of others have meaning and some weight, that our own opinions are just as important if not more so when it comes to our self. Others do … [Read Entire Story]

Random Thoughts on Tuesday 1/21/2014

Just get up and get it done, there is enough time to rest and have fun after its done. Don’t allow your ego or your desire to overload your senses to get in the way of what be done. Flee from procrastination and embrace responsibility, for procrastination only brings either more work to do later or more complications to deal with. … [Read Entire Story]

Control your path in life

There are those whom seek out love, acceptance and security in others, this is not a bad thing unless it is the only place you seek and find them. Some people can not find love, acceptance or security within their own being, this seems to create a very bad behavior pattern. They float from one lover to another seeking out what they … [Read Entire Story]

Looking Back–5/25/2013

Looking back on my life, I see many things I wish I hadn’t done and some bad habits I wish I hadn’t started. The main things I regret is are those that caused pain or unhappiness to others, even though the majority of those times I hurt others were unintentional , there were a few I did with the intent to cause harm. I regret them all, even my worst… [Read Entire Story]

To be alive is one of the greatest gifts

To be alive is one of the greatest gifts that has been given to us all. We get to experience life and all of its ups and downs. Granted it would be nice if life was all ups,  but then would we really be able to appreciate all the greatness of life if we didn’t have some bad times mixed in? Well maybe but I think the sour grapes we occasionally have to eat make the sweet grapes even better when we find them. “Sometimes life is Bittersweet, but when we show love … [Read Entire Story]

Thought of the day 4-16-2013

Change starts within yourself, if you can not make the change within yourself then you have little hope of inspiring it in others. When change manifests itself within you it tends to show, others see the change and some will follow by your example. Others may only be inspired to seek change within themselves and then the chain reaction begins. Most change comes slowly and sometimes it is very hard to recognize but in time its fruits will come to bear.  Change comes from within and flows outward just like love and serenity. Ray Barbier… [Read Entire Story]

what we make them is our own choice

Sometimes I think we get so wrapped up in what we don’t have, what we think we want and how we believe things should be that we lose sight of the things we have been blessed with. It isn’t what you want or what you do not have that matters it is the things you have been blessed with that is important. If you… [Read Entire Story]

Not only hear you but listen and surrender to your will

I see your face everywhere I go, I feel your love even in those I do not know. I long for the peace you bring and the tranquility within the love you give. The wisdom you share is beyond my mortal minds ability to find on its own. The grace you give us is so profound it is rarely fully understood. The love and compassion you taught is still practiced by some and longed for by many. The wondrous world I live in shows signs of your greatness and of your existence. Some misunderstand your message and others seek out the true meaning of your teachings. There are those… [Read Entire Story]

We are to serve God, not our own selves

Why is it we have such a hard time trying to be brotherly/sisterly to one another? As children of God we are supposed to be compassionate, caring, loving and not judgmental. We seem to cling on to the fleshly desire of serving ourselves and following our own will than serving God an his will. Out lusts, greed and our drive to be successful in the world seems to come before our spiritual needs. We are to serve God, not our own selves and when we do something we are to do it as if we are doing it for God himself. We are to forgive and bless not only our friends or family but… [Read Entire Story]

Try to do the right thing if possible

To love one another, to be as brothers and sisters wanting nothing but each others company and friendship. This is how we are supposed to be and some of us do value such and try to live in such a manner. The problem is the self/id/ego tends to get in the way, we value our individuality so much we tend to forget the unity we are meant to have with one another. A person may stand alone, but when that person falls there is no one there to help them up or… [Read Entire Story]

Put away those excuses for they are weightless and empty.

God is calling his people, Jesus is pointing the way. Answer the call to compassion, the call for forgiveness and for love. Be the loving, compassionate person God has planed for you to be. Stop letting the ways of the world keep you from your potential and put away those excuses for they are weightless and empty. Make time to be the dad, mom, brother, sister, child and friend you are supposed to be in Christ. Do your best to be what God has set before you to be. Be the teacher, preacher, advisor, thinker and/or healer he has prepared you to be. God has set plans for your life and so have you. Are your plans compatible with God’s? If not… [Read Entire Story]