How We Handle Anger Matters

An old Japanese tale goes, a belligerent samurai once challenged a Zen master to explain the concept of heaven and hell. But the monk replied with scorn, “you’re nothing but a lout…I can’t waste my time with the likes of you!” His very honor attacked, the samurai flew into a rage and pulling his sword from it’s scabbard, yelled, “I could kill you for your impertinence!” That, the monk calmly replied, is hell. Startled at seeing the truth in what the master pointed out about the fury that had him in it’s grip, … [Read Entire Story]

Uncovering Happiness: Overcoming Depression with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

In seven simple steps, Uncovering Happiness uses cutting-edge mindfulness and self-compassion techniques along with innovations in neuroscience to release natural antidepressants in the brain. Dr. Goldstein shows you how to take back control of your mind, your mood, and your life.Most of us believe when we’re depressed that our situation is hopeless. That’s a mistake, [More About This Book]

Break Through Pain: A Step-by-Step Mindfulness Meditation Program for Transforming Chronic and Acute Pain

The newest treatment for pain is one of the oldest, most effective strategies for pain-free living: meditation. With Break Through Pain, meditation expert Shinzen Young teaches you how to retrain your relationship to pain through traditional meditation practices. Drawing from thirty years of results in the field, this respected teacher offers the essential techniques that [More About This Book]

50 More Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food: Mindfulness Strategies to Cope with Stress and End Emotional Eating

In this much-anticipated follow-up to Fifty Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food, renowned nutrition expert and New York Times best-selling author of Eat Q, Susan Albers delivers fifty more highly effective ways to help you soothe yourself without eating?leading to a healthier, happier life! If you’re an emotional overeater, you may turn to food to [More About This Book]

Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life

In the rush of modern life, we tend to lose touch with the peace that is available in each moment. World-renowned Zen master, spiritual leader, and author Thich Nhat Hanh shows us how to make positive use of the very situations that usually pressure and antagonize us. For him a ringing telephone can be a [More About This Book]

5 Mindfulness Apps to Help You Stay Centred

Approved by the NHS and even trialled in Parliament, mindfulness is everywhere lately. The buzz around it makes it seem like a revolutionary new concept. Based on ancient Eastern meditation practices, mindfulness simply refers to the ageless idea of being fully aware of the now moment instead of fretting about the past or the future. Sound … [Read Entire Story]

Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents)

Simple mindfulness practices to help your child (ages 5-12) deal with anxiety, improve concentration, and handle difficult emotions.  Includes a 60-minute audio CD of guided exercises read by Myla Kabat-Zinn. Mindfulness—the quality of attention that combines full awareness with acceptance of each moment, just as it is—is gaining broad acceptance among mental health professionals as [More About This Book]

Struggle to Manage Anxiety? 5 Apps That Help

We all experience stress in life that can throw us off balance and trigger our ‘fight or flight’ response. But for a growing number of us, our modern lifestyles see us experiencing anxiety in a way that is far from normal or healthy. In the last decade and a half, studies carried out by the … [Read Entire Story]

Meditation and Psychotherapy – Do They Work Together?

Meditation has come a long way in the last few decades. Now practised by business sorts and bohemians alike, it is used in schools, prisons, and major companies. Meditation was even introduced in Parliament here in the UK. But is mediation really suited to be part of psychotherapy? What sort of meditation do psychotherapists use, anyway? And … [Read Entire Story]

Guided Visualisation in Therapy – The Benefits Might Surprise You

Guided visualisation in therapy Guided visualisation, also known as ‘guided image therapy’, is a psychotherapeutic tool now used for a large variety of emotional and physical conditions. It it particularly popular with cognitive behavioural therapists. What is guided visualisation? Guided visualisation is a process whereby your therapist leads you through imagining in your mind’s eye … [Read Entire Story]

Given Up On Giving Thanks? Don’t. Try These Gratitude Tips Instead

Gratitude has been a catch phrase of the last decade that you might be sick of hearing about, or feel is the domain of do-gooders and not for you. But research by positive psychologists consistently proves gratitude is a worthwhile habit still needing our attention, showing it lessens anxiety and depression, deepens sleep, and leads to better general health. … [Read Entire Story]

5 Ways to Make Mindfulness Easier

Mindfulness can seem so exciting when we first begin practising it. But then, like any new learning, the roadblocks start. We get bored, or life gets so challenging we aren’t so sure we want to stay in the present moment after all. Mindfulness can start to feel like hard work, and we can question [Read Entire Story]

The Present Moment – Your Secret to a Better Mood?

If you are feeling challenged by what is going on in your life right now, it might sound a ridiculous suggestion that the present moment is the answer to feeling happier.  And isn’t ‘living in the here and now’ a bit of a ‘hippie’ concept? Not anymore. Often called ‘mindfulness’, paying attention to the present moment – carefully … [Read Entire Story]

CBT vs MBCT- What is the Difference?

CBT vs MBCT- How are these cognitive therapies different? Is MBCT just CBT with mindfulness thrown in or something different entirely? What is mindfulness?All content on CBT vs MBCT- What is the Difference? belongs to Harley Therapy – Psychotherapy & Counselling Counselling Articles [Read Entire Story]

Mindfulness: The Third Wave in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

What is Mindfulness Therapy? We explore the theory behind mindfulness, and how it can be applied to mental health problems and CBT. Mindfulness has its roots in Eastern meditation practices which are thousands of years old. The influx of these great traditions into the West provided psychologists not only with an expanded view of the self and of human potential, but also with effective techniques for focussing the mind and managing negative thoughts [Read Entire Story]