Reaching Out Hard? 12 Keys to Getting Support

by Andrea Blundell Read advice that tells you that if you feel low, just ‘reach out’? But attempts you have made (if any) have gone poorly and left you feeling bad? Reaching out is a skill that not all of us learned as a child or were encouraged to do. On a good note, skills … [Read Entire Story]

Dating Someone With Depression – 12 Things You Need to Know

by Andrea Blundell Dating someone with depression can be a lot to navigate. What can help? **if you believe your partner is in immediate danger of  hurting themselves or someone else please get to the nearest hospital or call emergency services. Dating someone with depression is a choice First things first. Remember that you chose … [Read Entire Story]

How to Improve Your Mental Ability at Age 50?

The Foods for Better Cognitive Function Do you suffer from lagging cognitive function, and cannot tell how to restore your once sharp mental ability? While we all experience cognitive decline now and then, the symptoms become severe and conspicuous as we age. If you are aged 50 and above, then you might feel that you… [Read Entire Story]

The Christmas Blues – Why They Happen and How to Manage

Christmas cheer is a great concept. Yet it’s often far from the reality of this time of year, when depression becomes a battle for many. For some it all sadly becomes too much – the Office for National Statistics in the UK has previously reported up to a 3% rise in female suicides and a … [Read Entire Story]

Prone to Depression? Why Stress Might Be Harder For You

Depression – more common than you think? The World Health Organisation estimates that 350 million people are affected by depression worldwide, and sadly, many who suffer don’t seek help. Over 800,000 people commit suicide each year. Suicide is in fact the second leading global cause of death for the age range of 15-29. So what … [Read Entire Story]

What is Childhood Trauma and Did You Experience It?

Childhood trauma is an event, situation, or environment you experienced as a child that left you feeling vulnerable and like you couldn’t count on the world or other people to keep you safe. For many, childhood trauma has the unfortunate consequence of affecting your ways of thinking and of relating to the world and others as … [Read Entire Story]

Can Time Alone Improve Your Moods?

In our modern online culture of ‘sharing’ our lives non-stop, the emphasis is firmly on the social. From having a high friend or followers count, to posting pictures of yourself doing things with friends or family, being alone appears to have gone out of style. And for too many of us, time [Read Entire Story]

How to Exercise More (Even if You You Are Depressed)

How necessary is exercise for your mental wellbeing? Very. Research increasingly shows that  exercise can do wonders, including one study finding that it can have as much of an effect on depression as antidepressants. (For more on this read our piece, Exercise and Depression). And yet for many of us it’s a challenge to make … [Read Entire Story]

Seasonal Affective Disorder – In Summer?

The kids are off school, work has slowed down a bit, and barbecue party season is in full swing. Your vacation away is pending, and everyone around you seems happy and excited. So why aren’t you? Is it just the stresses of summertime getting you down… or something more? Despite seasonal affective disorder (SAD) always … [Read Entire Story]

Summertime Blues – 10 Seasonal Stressors To Watch Out For

Despite the excitement that hot days finally arriving can originally bring, not everyone glides through the summer months feeling great. Summer can bring an underestimated amount of stress that can trigger  cycles of low moods and anxiety. Left unchecked, this can roll right into a case of summer depression. What summertime stressors should you watch out … [Read Entire Story]

The New Self Care – Can It Protect Your Psychological Health?

Once seen as just about taking care of your physical health, such as eating well and exercising, self care is now viewed in a much more holistic manner. Not only is there your physical health to take care of, but also your mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health. Really, you can practise self care … [Read Entire Story]

Food and Mood – Is Your Diet Making You Depressed?

A piece of chocolate can give you a burst of energy that has you feeling more positive, and anyone who has experienced indigestion knows that food can alternately be the cause of much misery. But does food actually have the power to affect our moods long-term? And could it be part of a treatment plan … [Read Entire Story]

Uncovering Happiness: Overcoming Depression with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

In seven simple steps, Uncovering Happiness uses cutting-edge mindfulness and self-compassion techniques along with innovations in neuroscience to release natural antidepressants in the brain. Dr. Goldstein shows you how to take back control of your mind, your mood, and your life.Most of us believe when we’re depressed that our situation is hopeless. That’s a mistake, [More About This Book]

Convinced Your Emotional Health is Fine? Try These 7 Surprising Questions

Emotional wellbeing is unique to each individual, but there are general signs of psychological issues that many of us recognise by now. These can include a change in eating patterns, poor sleep, low self-care, reduced libido, and faltering energy levels. But some forms of psychological stress are less obvious or misunderstood.  How do you measure up? 7 … [Read Entire Story]

What is Happiness, Really?

by Andrea Blundell In the UK’s third annual Measuring National Well-being (MNW) survey, it appears happiness is on the rise in the UK. Lower rates of anxiety were reported alongside higher levels of personal wellbeing, with over a quarter of adults rating their life satisfaction as at its highest levels. The survey looked at things … [Read Entire Story]

Exercise and Depression – Does It Really Help?

If you are depressed, the last thing you might want to hear is that you need to start an exercise routine. Is it really necessary or worth it? According to the NHS, yes. Their ‘exercise on prescription’ program, recommended for several conditions, has now been extended to include patients suffering depression who have not exercised in some … [Read Entire Story]

10 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Health Every Day

When did you last consider your emotional health? We make daily choices to improve our physical wellbeing. But our mental wellbeing also benefits from attention. Doesn’t it deserve as much commitment?  Some things undoubtedly benefit both our mind and our body, like eating well, exercising, and having good sleep habits. But [Read Entire Story]

Stress vs Depression – Do You Know the Difference?

Some stress, caused by regular life challenges, is unavoidable. And while feeling nervous about a work presentation or frustrated by a parent teacher meeting gone wrong is not fun, nobody would compare it to the challenge that is depression. Severe stress, however, is a different story. As anyone who has suffered chronic stress knows, with … [Read Entire Story]

The Alarming Rise in Self Harming – What is Behind It?

The 2013 suicide of 15-year old Tallulah Wilson brought the issue of self harming to new heights of public awareness here in the UK. But Tallulah’s tragedy wasn’t the first or the last. What have we learned since then, and are things changing? What is self-harm? Self-harm is still defined [Read Entire Story]

Mental Health in the Media – Why We Should All Be Concerned

It would be easy to just accept film and television portrayals of characters with mental health issues as entertainment, and nothing to take too seriously. But consider that 64% of mental health sufferers say they find the stigma and discrimination around having mental health challenges either equally or even more damaging than actually dealing with a mental health … [Read Entire Story]

Drained All the Time? The Psychological Causes of Exhaustion

Our modern lifestyles can mean sleep slips to the bottom of the list so often that ongoing tiredness can feel a normal part of life. But don’t assume it’s just a lack of sleep leaving you drained. Tiredness is actually a sign of several psychological health conditions. Why is fatigue related to our moods? And how can … [Read Entire Story]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression – How Connected Are They?

Feel tired even after you’ve had plenty of sleep? Achy and flu-like even when you aren’t sick? Become exhausted after doing normal, everyday activities that most people can do easily? It’s possible you may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Also known by its more scientific name, Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME), it’s a condition that has become more … [Read Entire Story]

Is My Child Depressed?

We tend to associate being a child with being carefree, and not with depression. But depression and mental health challenges are far from just for adults. In the UK, the Office of National Statistics suggests that 1 in 10 children suffer a mental health condition, with at least 4% of this number suffering anxiety and … [Read Entire Story]

Depression and Location – Is Where You Live Affecting Your Moods?

by Andrea Blundell Depression is a condition which can be triggered by a myriad of factors, including childhood trauma, major life changes like breakups and redundancy, and low self-esteem. And a new factor has just been earmarked by two studies as something else to consider if you think your depression has struck out of nowhere … [Read Entire Story]