Post Breakup: Forgiveness of Self and Others

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Never Ask for Help? 9 Real Reasons You Always Go It Alone

by Andrea Blundell Are you the type who does everything by yourself? And even if it leaves you exhausted, never ask for help? Because it just seems easier somehow not to? Never allowing support can be a form of self-sabotage. And if you feel guilty or scared to ask for help, then there will be … [Read Entire Story]

People Pleaser? 12 Signs You Are One (and Why)

Have you been called a people pleaser, and you aren’t sure it is true? Or how you ended up this way? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell explores. What is a people pleaser? So what is the meaning of ‘people pleaser’? It refers to a constant need to put others needs before your own. This … [Read Entire Story]

Why Are You A Victim? (or, rather, a volunteer)

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Is Interdependency What Can Save Your Relationship?

What is interdependency? In psychology, interdependency is a way of relating that involves both parties being able to depend on each other in an egalitarian, non-demanding way. Understanding the different forms of dependency To understand interdependency, it can first help to examine the other ‘dependencies’ you might be more familiar with. Dependency is when you entirely rely … [Read Entire Story]

The Dangers of Counterdependency – When You Never Need Anyone

What is counterdependency? Codependency, the habit of gaining your self worth from pleasing others, is something most people know of nowadays. But it’s lesser known opposite, called counterdependency, can be just as much of a problem and is often related to codependency. In fact sometimes a person will switch from one extreme to the other in … [Read Entire Story]

Your Recovery is in Your Hand: Codependency in Handwriting

Your recovery program is only a handwriting sample away with this exclusive book describing codependency in penmanship, making it an ideal companion for self-awareness. $ 11.24

12 Signs You Lack Healthy Boundaries (and Why You Need Them)

What are Boundaries? Personal boundaries are the limits you decide work for you on how people can treat you, how they can behave around you, and what they can expect from you. They are drawn from the framework of your core beliefs, your perspective, opinions, and your values. And these things in turn are created from … [Read Entire Story]

The REAL Reason You Always End Up With the Holiday Hump?

Just what is it about the holidays that leaves so many of us emotionally volatile and exhausted? Sure, there is the late nights, demanding social calendar, and the overspending. But are they really  the reasons that every year you are inevitably annoyed at a colleague after the staff party, fighting with crazy Uncle Stan over roast carving … [Read Entire Story]