Signs of a Maturing Soul

The signs of someone maturing on the spiritual path aren't that hard to spot. Especially for those of you who have awakened, embracing your spiritual awakening lends itself to often dramatic inner shifts. However, that still doesn't mean that other people will notice. In a world where people are caught looking at the surfaces, many people won't be able to see past the packaging to notice all the inner crap that has been removed from inside.Which as always is why we don't… [Read Entire Story]

The Animal Within: Retraining the Primal Instinctual Body

A lot of times, I hear people in the spiritual world say that fear is just a word. Well, the word fear is a word, but the experience of fear is obviously much more than a word. It's a whole body experience, which–by and large–we don't enjoy. Some people learn to interpret fear in some different ways such as excitement, and while I don't know if there's a difference in the biochemistry of general fear versus excitement fear from something like bungee jumping, I don't think that most people want to feel that much agitation and intense energy on a regular basis.Thinking of fear in terms of agitation can also be a helpful road … [Read Entire Story]

Dissolving Into Pure Consciousness

Dissolving into pure consciousness is a fun topic to talk about because it is very different than what most people think it is. Dissolving into this space of "is-ness" is not about going some place. Rather, it's about knowing in the fullness of you that you've never left it, never been apart from it. That… [Read Entire Story]

Growing Into Your Greatness

There are so many beautiful things growing up out of the ashes of the unconscious ego self that it is hard to point to just one. Is it the deep compassion you can now have for everyone? Is it the amazing love you can share with one or many? Is it the ease of following your own path without fear of failure? Oh, it's these and so many more. How wondrous. How beautiful it all is. How beautiful it is to be growing into your greatness. [Read Entire Story]

After the Awakening

This compilation of blogs is meant for the person who has come through the initial transitions of spiritual awakening. It's after the great fears have been dropped and inner peace and tranquility have become an abiding state that these posts pick up the next threads of the story. Because if you have come to this space, you will see that you are still shifting. You… [Read Entire Story]

Dissolving the Veils of Illusion

I'm taking up this topic more specifically for the "After the Awakening" section of this blog. While nothing is mutually exclusive in my writing as far as the different parts of your spiritual path, some things are a little more specific to a given rhythm than others. So while many of you are still only [Read Entire Story]

The Relentless Embracing of the Awakened State

Spiritual awakening is like a light bulb going on in the house. Your house floods with light, and with that light often comes the impetus to shift, heal, and open profoundly. But in this arising, we are not at the culmination of the story.We are at a new beginning.Seeing Rebirth for What It IsBecause so many people are confused about spiritual awakening/enlightenment/ascension, they think that it is a goal and an endpoint to their journey. Here at awakening many people think that they’ll be done with the troubles of the world and no difficulties will ever touch them again. But truly, awakening is barely at the… [Read Entire Story]

Resting in the Flow of Awakened Love

As many of you know, I’ve written this spiritual awakening blog with three main sections:Cultivating a Spiritual AwakeningSurviving the AwakeningAfter the AwakeningThis post is in the last category–one that I haven’t written too much for as I’ve really moved through the second phase a lot in my own recent life. While nothing really is linear in spirituality or in life, I’ve found that these three categories sum up a lot of spiritual awakening, or at least they feel useful to me right now. So much of the awakened space is about using something as long as it is … [Read Entire Story]

The Delightful Experience of Having No Worries

For most people, having no worries is an experience that is only glimpsed briefly, is surrounded by some kind of euphoric haze brought on by a temporary experience, or simply a illusory idea being sold by some jerk-off spiritual teacher. But the truth of the matter is that we are all … [Read Entire Story]

Freedom from Desire

A long time ago, I wrote a blog called, “Healing Desires: The Differences Between Desires and Urges.” It got pretty popular. So I suppose it was a breath of fresh air for many people to suddenly see that their urge to eat was different than the desire for a specific type of food and that you could have one without the other. Probably somewhere in the thinking is that without desire, we’d stop eating and breathing or something. Such is the hyperbole of the ego mind.But desire is not a permanent state. It is a learned practice. It is the practice of placing our fulfillment somewhere else. It is the practice of saying, “When I have this thing, experience, or… [Read Entire Story]

The Return to Inner Stability

And then…and then you come back to a regular inner resting point.Ahhhhhhhh…the long sigh of relief. The seas have steadied. The inner shifting has quieted. Thank God. Oh thank God, I’m stable at last.I know many of you want and need to hear this. In truth, we all come to whatever amount of stability or continued shifting that is natural for us. Much like trees, bushes, and all plants come to a kind of adulthood, we too come to that space where growth continues, but on a much less … [Read Entire Story]