When Things Get A LOT Easier After Awakening

Releasing attachments can be quite a grind, but there's a point when it's like you end up on the other side of the mountain. Now, it feels like there's this extra push of support, like gravity is now on your side.This leads into a new Continue Reading

Personal Power – 11 Ways to Grow Yours

by Andrea Blundell Want more personal power? Or just to stop feeling so helpless and lost? But not sure where to start?  What is personal power? Personal power is not about controlling others. This is social power. Personal power is instead about Continue Reading

Confusion About Spiritual Help and Spiritual Neediness

Everyone needs a little help from time to time, but even with such a simple request, there can be confusion. Part of that confusion is between neediness and legitimately needing support.Spiritual neediness is needing someone else to do things for you Continue Reading

When Do Bad Habits Become Addictions?

by Andrea Blundell Have a sneaky feeling that one of your bad habits might be getting out of control? It’s worth learning the difference between habit and addiction. But it’s not addictive Isn’t it? Just because your behaviour is not a typical Continue Reading

Enduring the Ego Grind

When we really start to let go of the ego, old thought and emotional patterns may start to scream and feel rather painful. This makes the experience of surrender a grind--at least initially.If we move through these moments when the ego wants to go Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day After a Breakup

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Keep Making the Same Mistake Again and Again?

From small things like continuing to overspend when you know you are in debt, to bigger issues like picking unhealthy relationships every time, what is it that drives you to keep making the same mistake?  Blame it on Your Brain? Our brains might be Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day and True Love

Valentine's Day is a kind of monument to temporary romantic love experiences. In this video, I offer thoughts to encourage people to surrender the temporary and go towards true love--the space that accepts all of life unconditionally. This is the Continue Reading

Letting Go and Moving On Hard? This Might Be Why

Holding onto partners and friendships long past their expiry date? Or can’t seem to leave a depressing job?  Letting go and moving on is never easy. But if you find it harder than most, it might mean there are deeper issues at play. Just not Continue Reading

The Path of Success to Spirituality

There are several paths to spirituality. Suffering is the most common in my experience. Suffering  drives people to find a solution, and for many people, that solution becomes spirituality. A few people are called to spirituality. It has nothing to Continue Reading

Dating Someone With Depression – 12 Things You Need to Know

by Andrea Blundell Dating someone with depression can be a lot to navigate. What can help? **if you believe your partner is in immediate danger of  hurting themselves or someone else please get to the nearest hospital or call emergency services. Continue Reading

New Spiritual Freedom Video

I have written blog posts for more than nine years, and so occasionally, they need refreshing.I recently updated my spiritual freedom blog post and added a video to it. It was a pretty big overhaul, not because it was bad before. But I feel like I Continue Reading

Mail. We Get Mail on Avoiding the Void

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Never Ask for Help? 9 Real Reasons You Always Go It Alone

by Andrea Blundell Are you the type who does everything by yourself? And even if it leaves you exhausted, never ask for help? Because it just seems easier somehow not to? Never allowing support can be a form of self-sabotage. And if you feel guilty Continue Reading

5 Spiritual Posts from 2019 Worth Another Read

I have written a lot. But unfortunately, the Internet swallows up content super fast, and so a lot of really good stuff gets lost and goes unseen.So in the interest of keeping some of the really good stuff that I worked hard on last year alive, here Continue Reading

Devastation After a Breakup

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Is Emotional Intensity Ruining Your Relationships?

by Andrea Blundell Think you are good at connecting and intimacy, but somehow always losing friends and partners and feeling alone? You might be mistaking emotional intensity for intimacy. What is emotional intensity? If you are emotionally intense, Continue Reading

Afraid to Meet Your Self

More than a few people I've met are afraid of themselves. They're afraid of what they will find inside, and that fear keeps many people from even looking.But the true Self--the consciousness within and which is a droplet in the ocean of Continue Reading

How to Get the Most out of Therapy -12 Key Points

Starting therapy for the first time? Or been at it awhile, and not sure it’s working? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell looks at how to get the most out of therapy. How to get the most out of therapy Therapy is not a walk in the park. It can be Continue Reading

Suffering Is Grace

Suffering is grace.If you are reading this post today, the likelihood is that suffering brought you to my blog today. Suffering most likely brought you to the spiritual path.If someone is immersed in a comfortable happy life, they generally don't Continue Reading

The Annual Post-Breakup Holidays Post

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Attention-Seeking Behaviour – Guiltier Than You Realise?

Have you been accused of attention-seeking behaviour? What might this look like, why would you do it, and what can be done to turn a need for attention into something more beneficial? Editor and lead writer Andrea Blundell addresses this important Continue Reading

Getting Spiritual Help in 2020

Happy New Year to all who celebrate it!With the start of 2020, I know that many of you want to get help to go deeper on, start, or re-start your spiritual journey. I'm happy to be part of that help if you'd like it.In this work, I help people realize Continue Reading

Annual Responsibility to the World Community Post

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