Connecting in Spiritual Partnership

I'm interested in creating all kinds of spiritual partnerships with people. Some of the common types I'm interested in developing include volunteers, collaborators on workshops and webinars, practitioners to refer students to, publishers, and more.However, the basis of spiritual partnership is connection, so let's start there.Do you feel connected to me and my work?Before answering too quickly and clicking the link below to connect, be sure to have read and watched more than a few of my posts and videos. Some people get initially very excited about me after reading one post or watching one video, but their … [Read Entire Story]

Do Relationships Block Spirituality?

I occasionally have conversations with people who are concerned that being serious about the spiritual path will get in the way of relationships or that they have to get rid of their relationships.In this video, I offer some thoughts on this topic as well as the perception that the spiritual path is a solitary one.After watching the video, please check out the links below [Read Entire Story]

Learning to Address Blocks Correctly

This blog post shares a recent video about addressing blockages.One of the key concepts in this video is that we chose our blockages. While we make these choices unconsciously, it is important to appreciate that different issues and blockages to which we're attached are chosen and reinforced by us.Why do we do this?Well, imagine if you got shouted at every time you spoke up as a kid. Pretty soon, you have a serious blockage in your throat. Why is … [Read Entire Story]

When Things Get A LOT Easier After Awakening

Releasing attachments can be quite a grind, but there's a point when it's like you end up on the other side of the mountain. Now, it feels like there's this extra push of support, like gravity is now on your side.This leads into a new time of spiritual transformation where illusions and attachments dissolve a bit quicker, and the experience can be/feel a LOT easier.For more on this topic, please watch the following video.When Awakening Gets A LOT Easier Video [Read Entire Story]

Confusion About Spiritual Help and Spiritual Neediness

Everyone needs a little help from time to time, but even with such a simple request, there can be confusion. Part of that confusion is between neediness and legitimately needing support.Spiritual neediness is needing someone else to do things for you and giving up your personal ability to do things you need to do. This is the path of the spiritual child.The spiritual adult realizes that they need assistance for something, and they get the support that allows them to grow or heal. The child continually needs help while the spiritual adult does not.It's like teaching someone to fish versus giving… [Read Entire Story]

Enduring the Ego Grind

When we really start to let go of the ego, old thought and emotional patterns may start to scream and feel rather painful. This makes the experience of surrender a grind–at least initially.If we move through these moments when the ego wants to go back to a familiar pattern, then we find the peace that is often talked about by spiritual teachers like myself. If not or if we only go part way, we can get stuck in unnecessary discomfort.Hopefully, this video can inspire you [Read Entire Story]

Valentine’s Day and True Love

Valentine's Day is a kind of monument to temporary romantic love experiences. In this video, I offer thoughts to encourage people to surrender the temporary and go towards true love–the space that accepts all of life unconditionally. This is the space that we can never lose or be let down by.As usual, after the video, there are some more links to help you go deeper into the topic of true love.Enjoy!Valentine's Day and True Love Video [Read Entire Story]

The Path of Success to Spirituality

There are several paths to spirituality. Suffering is the most common in my experience. Suffering  drives people to find a solution, and for many people, that solution becomes spirituality. A few people are called to spirituality. It has nothing to do with suffering or success; something inside has this longing for God. Thirdly, there's worldly success.Now, it's hard these days to succeed by external standards. It seems like there are more and more standards everyday around success, although it will vary by person how many goals they're trying to achieve. But once in awhile, a person hits … [Read Entire Story]

New Spiritual Freedom Video

I have written blog posts for more than nine years, and so occasionally, they need refreshing.I recently updated my spiritual freedom blog post and added a video to it. It was a pretty big overhaul, not because it was bad before. But I feel like I can offer a more complete explanation of spiritual freedom from the understanding that I now have. I’m still growing and evolving at the same time I am also dissolving deeper attachments. It’s something to remember particularly if your ego tries to elevate spiritual teachers like me. I’m still human, and ultimately, I’m just a nobody.You can click [Read Entire Story]

5 Spiritual Posts from 2019 Worth Another Read

I have written a lot. But unfortunately, the Internet swallows up content super fast, and so a lot of really good stuff gets lost and goes unseen.So in the interest of keeping some of the really good stuff that I worked hard on last year alive, here are 5 spiritual blog posts from 2019 that are worth another read (or your very first one if you missed them or found me after I wrote them).On another note, feel free to sign up for my newsletter on this link:Sign up for my Free Spirituality NewsletterAlso, I do one-on-one video sessions [Read Entire Story]

Afraid to Meet Your Self

More than a few people I've met are afraid of themselves. They're afraid of what they will find inside, and that fear keeps many people from even looking.But the true Self–the consciousness within and which is a droplet in the ocean of oneness–is nothing to fear. It is also kind of nothing–it is not a thing.As for the ego and the person's past, they will find whatever they are attached to. They will find enjoyable things and unenjoyable things, so I can't say that it will be easy. I can only encourage you to find your courage to go within. The freedom on the other side of dissolving … [Read Entire Story]

Suffering Is Grace

Suffering is grace.If you are reading this post today, the likelihood is that suffering brought you to my blog today. Suffering most likely brought you to the spiritual path.If someone is immersed in a comfortable happy life, they generally don't go digging through search engine results and social media to find spiritual articles. They're happy. Their ego has decided to keep things as they are. Does it occasionally happen that someone comes to a stage of happiness and success that brings them to the spiritual path? Yes.But more often, it's suffering that forced someone to search. Furthermore, it'll be suffering that causes someone to continue… [Read Entire Story]

Getting Spiritual Help in 2020

Happy New Year to all who celebrate it!With the start of 2020, I know that many of you want to get help to go deeper on, start, or re-start your spiritual journey. I’m happy to be part of that help if you’d like it.In this work, I help people realize spiritual freedom. As some of you know, spiritual freedom is about dissolving the ego to realize the truth of what and who we really are. Ultimately, that is oneness, but intellectually knowing that we are all one is not the same as realizing that we are all one.So spiritual teachers like me help people learn the discipline of dissolving the ego and go beyond … [Read Entire Story]

Observing Society’s Ego to Understand Your Own

It is so easy to want to look at society and blame it for its faults or agree with its values. We tend to do both. But as people on the path to spiritual freedom, we can do something more wise. We can use society as a mirror to reflect our ego issues back to us. In so doing, we can go further on the path to realizing freedom from our ego and the suffering it causes.Observing Society to Understand Your Ego [Read Entire Story]

What Are You Doing With Your Time?

Time.It goes so fast.We have so little of it. And we don't know how much time we get.Yet, people are often lost in the illusion that they have all the time in the world, and they put off a lot of important things. One of those important things is the path to spiritual freedom.Until we are free, we are very good at wasting time. We waste it on things that do not truly serve us, nourish us, or enliven us. We follow other people who are just as lost as us and do … [Read Entire Story]

Awakening Is Only the Beginning

When someone has a big spiritual moment, there's a tendency to think that this is the final and total spiritual experience or realization. This is particularly true if the experience was enjoyable because if something feels good, why wouldn't you want that all the time?Well, there are lots of things that feel good that should only be temporary. Otherwise, you can end up in addiction. But more to the point, the… [Read Entire Story]

Update on Donations for My Winter Break

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has already donated. Your support is deeply appreciated.At the time of writing this post, I’ve received a little more than $850 towards my goal of $2500. These donations are all going to cover my winter break and sessions that my students drop because of their own holiday plans.If you want to donate, please click the link to PayPal below.Donate Here to Jim via PayPalIf you want to know more about all the things I offer for free every [Read Entire Story]

Healing from Illusions and Attachments

People commonly only think about healing in regards to abuse and trauma, but there are much deeper wounds than those. Below are three more important levels of healing.There is healing wounds from upsetting experiences like a bad divorce, losing a job, and so forth.There is healing wounds from common issues like needing to be attractive, fearing loneliness, desiring success, feeling worthless, and more.And there is healing… [Read Entire Story]

Donating to Support My Annual Winter Break

Once again, another year is fast coming to a close, and it's about time for my winter break. Each year, I take at least a week and a half off to rest, re-charge, and rejuvenate. And each year, I reach out to all of you to ask for support.As any of you who work for yourselves knows, being self-employed means that you don't have any paid time off. So instead, I reach out to all of you to … [Read Entire Story]

Space for New Students During the 2019 Holidays

Because of changing schedules, I often have space for sessions with new students in the holiday season before I take my winter break from December 18th to December 29th. If you haven’t reached out to me before and feel intuitively called to do so, this is a good time to connect and have an initial session.As a reminder, I’m a spiritual freedom teacher. I’m interested in helping you dissolve the ego to discover who and what you truly are. Through surrender, we allow life to be as it is, which also allows us to take wise actions as we are called. This is a… [Read Entire Story]

Are You Adding or Subtracting Ego?

Time to cut out ego at the spiritual workshop.When people start on the spiritual path, they commonly are trying to become "more" of something. They want to be more spiritual, more healed, more whole, more happy, or more of something else. But the path to spiritual freedom isn't about getting more. It's about subtracting the ego to find the vastness within us.This point is missed on many people, and more than a few people get… [Read Entire Story]

The Power of Realizing Awareness

There are moments when people realize that they are awareness.These moments are powerful.When it happens for the very first time, it can be shocking. It can be beautiful. It can be scary, but the fear usually comes after the experience when the person re-identifies with the ego. At that point, the ego is saying, "What was that? Am I not who I thought I was?"No. You aren't. You are so much more.Other moments come as well as a person dissolves the ego, and I felt like spending a little time … [Read Entire Story]

A Journey into Love

I've written a lot about love through the years, so I collected these posts and videos to offer a kind of journey that some people may go through as they understand some of the many levels of love and learn to embrace true love–the love that unconditionally accepts all.The following resources don't go into the inner work part as much, and I encourage you to search this blog for topics about resolving core issues and doing inner work. The very helpful, but probably rather boring topic about mapping out your ego structure is a great one to … [Read Entire Story]


Today's post is another spiritual poem because I just felt like doing another one. There's a lot of ways to express spiritual truth, and it's fun to dabble in different styles.Enjoy!Once again, if you prefer my long form blog posts, here are two for you. Be sure to follow the links in them into other topics.Oneness ExperiencesSpiritual Truth and Paradoxes: Expanding Your Mind Beyond Simplistic IdeasKaleidoscope [Read Entire Story]