Today's post is another spiritual poem because I just felt like doing another one. There's a lot of ways to express spiritual truth, and it's fun to dabble in different styles.Enjoy!Once again, if you prefer my long form blog posts, here are two for you. Be sure to follow the links in them into other topics.Oneness ExperiencesSpiritual Truth and Paradoxes: Expanding Your Mind Beyond Simplistic IdeasKaleidoscope [Read Entire Story]

The Cage

From time to time, I switch up what I post on this blog, and for today, I felt like sharing a little fictional poetry.If you're looking for my usual deep-dive style blog posts, you can check the link below or one of the many spiritual awakening posts in the awakening [Read Entire Story]

How to Deal with an Existential Crisis

Existential crisis.I hear this term get thrown around a lot.According to dictionary.com, an existential crisis is "a psychological episode in which a person questions the meaning of their life and of existence itself."I would define it this way:"An existential crisis is a realization or series of realizations where the ego self discovers that it is full of sh*t and that its ideas about how life should be and how the person should be are actually wrong."People don't like this experience, but it's one of those spiritual turning points that can be really good.Or a total trap.Why both ways?In this situation, the ego … [Read Entire Story]

3 Refreshed Spiritual Awakening Blog Posts

I’ve been writing this blog for more than 9 years, so occasionally, I go back to some older posts to refresh them, syncing them up with my current way of discussing the spiritual path.Here are 3 posts that have had a refresh. Enjoy!What Is a Spiritual Awakening?Assigning Your Pain to Another5 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening [Read Entire Story]

Being Open While Having Boundaries

There is a lot of discussion around being open among spiritual people, but when the rubber hits the road, most of people don't really want to be open all the time. What most people want is to feel safe. In the desire for a feeling of a safety, people put up all kinds of walls to preserve this feeling and … [Read Entire Story]

How to Embrace True Power

True power is not a commonly seen or understood phenomenon. Most of what we're used to considering to be power is actually ego control. Ego control is where someone attempts to force situations towards desired outcomes. Desire is inherently an ego issue, and the ego looks to the external world to fulfill itself via … [Read Entire Story]

7 Spiritual New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, people make New Year's resolutions as a way to set intentions about what they want going forward. A lot of times, these resolutions are the usual ego desires, and we rarely ever inquire as to where these resolutions come from. It's not surprising that many resolutions don't pan out (like that commitment to go … [Read Entire Story]

Online Talk: Spiritual Awakening and the Return of Inner Stability

When people awaken, the normal inner stability that they’re used to tends to be thrown out the window. Even if someone felt very internally “messy,” that mess tends to feel tens times worse. It’s like a team of contractors marches into your home, and then they start pulling up floorboards, tearing out insulation, and dismantling the pipes. It makes for some rather intense and deeply unsettling years. Many people don’t get very far in becoming more conscious after awakening because of the intensity of this inner de-stabilization. Some do all they can to kick out the carpenters, plumbers, tile specialists, hazmat team, and pest exterminators.Others of you let them stay, and you learn how to help … [Read Entire Story]

Consciously Confronting Hunger

The spiritual path shows us what is. As many of you open your eyes to the truth, certain real world hardships become more and more apparent. One of those major issues is hunger.Hunger has a variety of definitions, and one of the commonly used definitions is "food insecurity." "Food insecurity is variously defined as experiencing hunger, inability to secure enough food of sufficient quality and quantity to enable good health… [Read Entire Story]

When People Fall in Love With Your Energy

Clearing out lots of issues can have some surprising effects. For some people, they find talents they didn't know they had. Other people find themselves leaving their homes or homelands for new places. Others find love in the simplest of things like staring at the flowers of a blooming tree and getting lost in the intricacies of those petals.However, along with your deep inner changes, other people's perspectives will change about you. There is something in particular about clearing out issues and making more inner space that… [Read Entire Story]

Loans worth Rs 52 cr disbursed to women Self-Help Groups in …

Raipur, Jan 2: Loans worth around Rs 52 crore have been disbursed to women self-help groups (SHGs) in Chhattisgarh since 2003. “The state's Women and Child Development Department has distributed a loan of Rs 51 … [Read Entire Story]

Coming Home to the Infinite Within You

Life is change for the human being. It's always growing, declining, dying, and being born. It is an inevitable aspect of life for us. Yet many people attempt to use spirituality to avoid this undeniable human truth. They hope to find some form of safe comfort in the external world, and thus, many spiritual seekers are essentially refugees from this truth. This happens for innumerable reasons, but mainly, it happens because people fear pain and death.But pain and death are here. And no "home" can be … [Read Entire Story]

Self-help groups of women to provide food on trains | Latest News …

Self-help groups of women to provide food on trains – Passengers travelling in trains will now have the option of enjoying food prepared by some women's self help groups as Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation … [Read Entire Story]

Fundraising: Donate to Help Cover my Costs

I want to send a heartfelt “thank you” to all the people who have donated to me this year. Because of you, I have been able to dedicate my full time to working as a spiritual teacher for most of the year.Woohoo!All of your donations for meditation recordings, sessions, ebooks, weekend intensives, webinars, and goodwill donations have added up. You’ve given me the gift to be able… [Read Entire Story]

A Short Spiritual Thought: Spiritual Redemption

Spiritual awakening and spiritual growth remind us that no matter where someone has been or how difficult the path, they can grow and change to be happier, healthier, and kinder people. There is no depth of darkness to which people can sink from which they cannot arise again, and this is very good news. It is the nature of the Divine to never reject any one of us, and ultimately, we are all in this together.However, sometimes society pigeon-holes people, and people can feel trapped by all their past transgressions. Even after they’ve done a lot of personal growth or even awakened, past mistakes or gross errors (murder, rape, etc.) can haunt a person. To … [Read Entire Story]

Sessions for January, Coming Home, and Thank You’s!

I'll start this spirituality post with my sincerest "thank you's" to everyone who has offered support to me in some way since the apartment complex fire that took me into a new major life transition. It has truly warmed my heart to have support from so many. That includes the friend who has taken me in to his home… [Read Entire Story]

Spirituality Snacks: Ego Stories

I occasionally receive extremely long emails from people telling me their whole life stories. While I am honored that people can be so open with me, it can be disappointing for some of them that I am uninterested in those tall tales. Because it is a tall tale. Our ego stories are conglomerations of very few events while we have forgotten numerous other events and situations that have not fit into our overall idea of ourselves. For instance, trauma survivors sometimes forget or… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Holiday Giving and Receiving

As the holidays roll around once again in the Western world, the practice of giving and receiving comes to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Why we need one season in a year to focus on reciprocity is a little silly though. The entire year is an opportunity to give and receive selflessly and deeply. But cultural practices being what they are, people remember that giving and receiving is something that they should put time and focus into in November and December in Western Culture. So I’ll discuss this practice in this next free webinar to help shed some light on ways we can mindfully give and receive as well as offer tips on dealing with feeling obligated to give, not liking what we receive, and so… [Read Entire Story]

2015 Fundraising Update

I want to start this post by thanking all of you who have donated to me so far for my 2015 fundraiser. At the time of writing this post, 31 people have donated a total of a little over $2,100 to help me cover this year’s financial shortfall. Thank you so much! It really warms my heart to have such amazing supporters.For those who don’t know, I’m working on raising $6,500 to cover a financial deficit that I’ll have this year. With the current donations being where they are, I still need about $4,400 more in donations.This money… [Read Entire Story]

Out of Touch Due to an Apt Complex Fire

I’m posting this quick blog post to let you know that I’ve lost my home due to an apartment complex fire. You can see part of what happened to my apartment.Most importantly, I am unhurt, and a good friend is letting me stay in his guest house. But a lot of my possessions have been smoke-damaged or contaminated by whatever may have been burned during the fire. So I’ll need to replace them after finding a new home.Please expect a delay in my communications and responses to your emails. If you want to help [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Spiritual Awakening and New Sensitivities

As people awaken or generally shift on their spiritual paths, they often have new sensitivities to life. In truth, this is part of the un-numbing and re-sensitization process. People have been so numb and out of touch with themselves that they can barely feel. If this is your general state of living, then that lack of sensitivity becomes "normal…. [Read Entire Story]

A Spiritual Appetizer: The Trap of Spiritual Ideas

Words and ideas are tools tell help us express ourselves on the spiritual path. They should not be our masters and constrict our ability to understand life or ourselves. The spiritual path shows us that words and ideas simply point to things. They are not the things that they point to. I can write about “oneness,” but that word is not the totality of oneness. It is an idea.Too often people get stuck hanging onto ideas or searching for the best ones. This is particularly problematic on the spiritual path. Many religions and spiritual traditions tell people what to believe and what to do. In… [Read Entire Story]

Using mobile technology to deliver a cognitive behaviour therapy …

Abstract. Background: Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is recommended for the treatment of psychosis; however, only a small proportion of service users have access to this intervention. Smartphone technology using … [Read Entire Story]

Hurricane Patricia: Flood Threat for Millions But Winds Weaken to …

Patricia, once a Category 5 storm packing 200 mph winds, had rapidly weakened to a tropical storm by 7 a.m. ET, and then into a tropical depression by 11 a.m. as it broke over mountainous areas. By 4 p.m. local time (5 p.m. … [Read Entire Story]