Personal Development Plan – The Essentials Of Getting Results

Personal Development Plan - The Essentials Of Getting Results


  1. says:

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  2. Hi Leo, I was just wondering… Why do you think it is that some people get
    on the path of personal development and others don´t? I see so many people
    being unhappy with their lives… Why is it that some of them muster the
    strength to do something about it but others don´t? ?

  3. Hua Liang says:

    Hey, could you provide any audio files or cds for your videos? I really
    like to listen to them while I was driving to work.?

  4. Sarah Pfeiffer says:

    I just want to say thank you for all of the information you share. SO many
    of the other personal development programs/speakers I have listened to over
    the last few years…you are my favorite by far. You are so personable..I
    feel like you are talking directly to me. Your YouTube channel is awesome,
    and so is your website! Thank you for everything you share with us :)?

  5. Judie Lavender says:

    Thank you cant wait to dig in?

  6. Lindsey Brady says:

    I love your videos. I watch one each morning on my commute for work. Love
    the results from them in my life! Thanks! ?

  7. Chany Anna says:

    Hey, this is kind of an odd question, but do you think you could do a video
    on how to rest?
    I struggle with Ocd, depression and anxiety, but am actually pretty
    proactive, always keeping busy and doing things for myself or other people
    But I just find it really hard to sit down for even two minutes and chill
    out for a bit, my mind is always wondering to other things and other stuff
    I want to/ could do or more negative thoughts.
    Any advice? ?

  8. da buzzy says:

    thank you?

  9. Ashley S says:

    I feel like you are the male version of Teal Swan – The spiritual catalyst.
    I love seeing the similarities of your beliefs. She talks about limiting
    beliefs and how to change a belief. She is female, softer and intuitive.
    And you are the male, logical to the point, harsher. I find it beautiful
    and by watching the 2 of you I can find balance. ?

  10. Henry Jones says:

    Nice Speech!!!?

  11. Zain Haseeb says:

    you. are. outstanding. thanks?

  12. Miko Milicevic says:

    Brother you talk to much but you are not making any points…if you going
    to give advice please have some ideas, values in the wisdom…not happy
    that I just spend 16 mins for some stupidity ?

  13. Eduardo Freitas says:

    Congrats for all videos you share with us … This maybe equivalent to read
    a lot of books and its content is very rich !! I am already addicted to see
    your videos …Thank you !! ?

  14. Trevor Staal says:

    Thank you for posting these videos. Slowly building myself up and your
    videos are a great stepping stone.?

  15. Essential Freedom says:

    Great work! It all makes sense when you break it down the way you do ?

  16. Paul Michael says:

    This was great, extremely helpful to someone such as myself who is always
    seeking out personal development on a daily basis to help myself grow
    personally, and professionally. I look forward to seeing a lot more of
    these videos. ?

  17. Maxine Gordon says:

    I really liked the first video of yours I watched, an hour long and it was
    engaging and well done. However, almost this entire video is just you
    talking about how we should watch your stuff. It was painful to watch. I’ll
    try another one, because I liked the first one so much, but if is the first
    one of yours someone sees they might shy away. ?

  18. Lunaeincola says:

    Must admit that cannot stop watching your videos. To the point and
    explained in the manner easy to understand. I look back at my life thinking
    ‘ What the Hell I had been doing with my life’ . So, Thank you! Keep up
    doing a great job shaking people from deep sleep ! ?

  19. Dana Darcy says:

    I can’t take this guy I’ve watched multiple videos of his and he NEVET GETS
    TO THE FUCKING POINT!! All he does is repeat himself and use filler flubdub?

  20. Irena Nedelicki says:

    Thank you for sharing all of your hard-earned knowledge. I’m really
    thankful I found your chanel. Greetings from Serbia :)?

  21. Kenneth Nicholson says:

    My plan is to focus in 1 topic and make it a habit in 1 month. Then move to
    another topic and on and on. is it good , leo??

  22. zeus Naveed says:

    hey my problem is whenever i try to follow a plan, i always tend to run out
    of will power and energy because of the constant boredom or pain. For
    example in my perfect life i want to follow a healthy diet, exercise,
    meditate, spend some time with good friends, and rest of the time studying
    but when i start doing this i feel so numb you know. I feel like its all
    useless because i feel so bored and numb, and i always give in to something
    like watching tv or eating unhealthy. Do you have any idea how to fix this,
    will the feeling of boredom and numbness pass??

  23. saul garcia says:

    Are you rich??

  24. O come on peeps, lets give him some credit! He must have developed himself
    beyond most people I know because its not easy to get on video and get your
    points across… yes he goes on just a little but hey! We live and we

    Thank you for sharing…?

  25. Skip to 10:00, before is just self-advertising…?

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