1. RedFrost Motivation says:

    Calling all MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS and SHORT FILM MAKERS. We would love to
    feature you on our channel and collaborate with you! If you’re interested
    contact us at OR our Facebook fanpage ?

  2. EngagedGraphics says:

    Beautiful video, I just posted on of my own filmed by my crew and plan on
    making a lot more, please check it out RedFrost and perhaps we can work
    together soon :)?

  3. John Herc says:

    I’m a junior in high school and I’m studying hard to get my gpa up, and to
    do great on the SAT. I’ve been a little bit discouraged because I feel as
    though the future of my family rests on me. It’s not easy growing up
    without a father at your side, but I won’t give up. I may have screwed up a
    little in my freshman year, but I’m never gonna give up because if my 1st
    choice college rejects me , I will go to that college because dreams never
    die unless you let them and to show my father that if I could do it, so can

  4. satt1991 says:

    What is the name of the song at the end??

  5. Brandon 91x says:

    These videos help me through so much, and I’m sure they do other people as
    well. Sometimes it takes the right words to give a person a little hope and
    these videos do just that, thanks for posting. ?

  6. Karol Pryka says:

    can anyone tell me the name of the movies? thanks in advance !?

  7. Tiago Jacques says:

    Everyday we have a new chance to start over again, obstacles will be in
    from of you no matter what. Is up to you to decide if you gonna give up or

  8. Ahmed turki says:

    Progress equals Happiness!?

  9. Mia Huang says:

    What’s the movie at 5:53??

  10. Justin Sanchez says:

    absolutely brilliant!?

  11. Gallardo 5Million says:

    whos the black guy working out??

  12. Julia Press-Simmons says:

    Yasssssss! ?

  13. says:

    I can change!


  14. Michael Kernal says:

    if i could like twice……………..I WOULD!?

  15. Michael Gowans says:

    Disappointment can be a driver or it can take you out. …it’s a choice!?

  16. Subhajit Bhattacharjee says:

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  17. Jackson Moore says:

    thanks for saving my life?

  18. Alexandre Santos says:

    Just.. Fuc*ing AMAZING ?

  19. I can only hear seth rogen?

  20. Remy Grayson says:


  21. Whois voice is this??

  22. David Crantz says:

    Motivation for 2015! Change your views #DavidCrantz #CantorFundingInc
    #LandmarcCapital ?

  23. Oscar Kardon says:

    Great video, ima hit life back?

  24. Incredible balance of popular motivational speakers and their unique high
    points. So many other videos fall into a very similar groove using the same
    quotes, and sound bytes or themes. This is truly inspirational and unique.
    Well done, keep up the good work.?

  25. Aaron Lane says:

    YES! I would LOVE to collaborate with you. I will contact you shortly…?

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