How To Reprogram Your Mind (for Positive Thinking)

How To Reprogram Your Mind (for Positive Thinking)


  1. Brendon Burchard says

    Here’s how to create more automatic positive thinking in your life…?

  2. Alex Cavendish says

    My questions for myself are.
    1) Are you alive?
    2) Are you sure?
    3) Don’t think of things that can kill you, now you’re thinking about it.
    LOL are you dead yet?
    The best recipe for having negative thoughts is having an anxiety disorder.
    Damn stupid brain.?

  3. Bazil Brush says

    You need to go easy on the caffeine man! ?

  4. Laurie Millanes says

    My first thought after watching this video was, “This isn’t going to
    work…” Then I quickly fought that thought and instead thought, “This will
    work! I’m going to make it work!” I’m really hoping that it does help me
    think more positive :)?

  5. Aniket Gowda says

    Brendon i love you!!!!!
    You came like an angel in my life…..i badly needed this…thank you so
    much…i am upto reprograming my mind since im suffering through negative
    recurring thoughts. i am going to do this for 30 continuous day. i started
    from today morning and im going to see myself getting changed before 17th
    march 2015. I know i will. You really is an inspiration for millions. i
    have seen 100 of videos but i never felt to follow them. but this is
    something different i must say. i feel it. i feel a new ray of hope. i can
    see the first step. Thank you so much.?

  6. Jay Wilson says

    This is basically cognitive therapy. If you want to learn more about this
    directly you should Google it and get the details. This vid just brushes
    the surface and there is more to it than simply reinforcing positive
    thoughts. I am sure the presenter would agree with me on this point.?

  7. A simple change in your behavior that could change your entire perspective
    of your life. #psychology #selfimprovement ?

  8. Reese Ben-Yaacov says

    +Brendon Burchard I am so happy the world has you in it. You are a
    tremendous for for good in the world. Thank you for this video.?

  9. SilverLakeDaze says

    There is nothing positive about this guy. You can see the anger right below
    his hysterical shouting howdy-doody face. I don’t think he believes a word
    of what he’s saying, but people buy his recycled crap and he laughs all the
    way to the bank. ?

  10. Giordano Ambrosi says

    if you change the way to see the world you will also make a step to change
    the world itself #happiness ?

  11. neil harris says

    Do u think world’s richest people have these positive attitudes? Including
    bad guys? ?

  12. Cassandra Muzik says

    I suffer from anxiety, I approve this message XD?

  13. Anthony WongKL says

    but make sure dont use our positive mind on criminal, raping, sexually
    abusive on children, terrorist attack on charlie magazine
    ……..blah..blah.. My point is remember this quote ” stay positive, be
    good”. positive thinking apply to bad deed turn into a bad excuse ever.?

  14. Jan Ankerstjerne says
  15. Bridget Lee says
  16. ???? ???? says

    Thank u so much.your spirit is stronger than all negative thinking marching
    in our poweful and Inspiring.. ?

  17. Tim Francis says

    You know what repetition works? Listening to this video over and and over
    again. I’ve not got Brandon’s voice in my head now,” focus on it, focus on
    it, focus on it” and it’s working! I went and looked in the mirror and I
    even look different…yo it works.?

  18. Tafari Miller says

    Take a look at this video on YouTube: positive programming of the mind ?

  19. You are the only thinker in your mind; there is no one else but only you.

    Therefore you have control over it and you have to train and discipline it.

    Your mind is like a garden you need to take care of the soil so it will
    produce healthy and beautiful produce.

    Don’t let you mind control you.?

  20. Stephanie Mccann says

    ???????????????? Brendon Burchard, you’ve just made my morning 🙂 my goal is to
    master positive thinking in stressful situations and to stop dwelling over
    negative effecting thoughts. ?

  21. Ernesto Paredes says

    there is now a way to deprogram your mind effortlessly with the Mind
    Resonance Process i can help you progressively help you let go of the past.
    Most people think they will attract positive things into there lifes when
    they dont even have full control of there thoughts & emotions, simply
    saying they are carrying to much emotional baggage like
    abuse,humiliation,insecurities,negative habits,self hate. In order to get
    what you want you have to detach from the outcome & have faith & love to
    manifest what you want. Most people don’t have LOVE & FAITH ! Big reason
    most people catching hell.
    contact me if your interested for a free 1hr session.?

  22. That intro was horrible.?

  23. i love you man ?

  24. Ado Podrinje says

    THANK U SOOO MUCH BRANDON!!! fan 4 good here!!!?

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