TEDxWaterloo – Alicia Raimundo – Mental Health Superhero

TEDxWaterloo - Alicia Raimundo - Mental Health Superhero


  1. Jessica Lee says:

    I can completetly relate to her. I was diagnosed at age 12 with Bi polar
    disorder, schizo effective, major depressive, & general anxiety disorder.
    In school I was always awkward and didnt fit in anywhere. I was a loner and
    still am today at age 25. Today I am a mental health advocate. My main goal
    is to help spread awareness for mental health. #mentalillnessstigma ?

  2. joanna newport says:

    This woman just helped save my life also. She is a strong woman and her
    words will stay with me during my attempt at recovery. ?

  3. Dawah4Dunya says:

    Beautiful talk.?

  4. Mala Dies says:
  5. buzzin1975 says:

    What the fuck do White people have to be upset about to be suicidal? My
    brethren are fucking starving in brown countries because Whitey Monsanto
    has taken away their livelihood. Those mofos have a reason to commit
    suicide, not some stupid pimply-faced albino Ginger.?

  6. Carolyn Matyjanka says:

    awesome! #intentionalsuperhero?

  7. chanel campbell says:

    Fabulous! Great topic. We need to reduce the stigma and start speaking out.
    Other illnesses receive sympathy but when the brain breaks down- we become

  8. Ceri Hynes says:

    Great talk on a tough topic.?

  9. The One Project says:

    Check out this @TEDx talk on #mentalhealth by Aliçia Raimundo:

  10. Michèle Simpson says:

    There MUST be hope!!?

  11. Bluzgirl01 says:

    Amazing clarity. I lost my son David to suicide. Listening to her helps
    shed a little light on what he must have been thinking . His thoughts got
    the better of him.

  12. Omar Galicia says:

    Inspirational! <3

  13. jungkvist says:

    Sadly, it seems that depression is the result of someone being able see the
    reality of human exiistance. And only delusional people are happy, because
    they are willing to believe anything, as long as it jusitfies their
    existance. Just ask a marketing expert and they will tell you it’s true,
    unless they are trying to sell you something.

  14. Arbiter567 says:

    Goddamn the pain. Hope I can hold on.

  15. DaisiesandBruises says:


  16. Putup Yourdukes says:

    We need alot more Heros like you! Help end the stigma of Mental Ilness and
    help us battle the fight against mental illness! putupyourdukesdotca
    facebook putupyourdukes twitter PUYD4CAMH

  17. daniel ng says:

    This is inspirational ! Its is the reason why we are fighting to advocate
    mental health awareness through education. Its is the reason why we try to
    destigmatize the public stereotype towards people with Mental illness. Do
    check us out at our facebook page, search for HELP WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY
    Or follow us on twitter at HELPWMHD tweet us if you need some one, we are
    hear to listen !

  18. garingerz says:

    great talk on a tough topic. Alicia you help us burst through those doors
    to find hope.

  19. SarahLoyal BabyBambi says:

    I wont be silent I’m going to fight this. so what we have a mental health
    condition it doesn’t change who we are it just makes us a little complex
    don’t fear us. we are more likely to hurt are selves than you. So open your
    eyes BREAK THE TABOO talk and stop being afraid. People might want to run
    away but you chance you make it clear you aren’t scared and that this issue
    needs to be brought to light. that people need help and shouldn’t be
    discriminated due to there mind not being perfect. talk.

  20. SarahLoyal BabyBambi says:

    Im working towards breaking the taboo of mental illness in the UK im going
    to do a campaign to stop all this ignorance. Alicia is one of my references
    ill be using along with kevin breel these teens and early 20 year olds are
    the ones willing to put there neck online unlike thousands out there that
    where in the generation of “if i tell someone they will put me in a mental
    ward or try to labottomise me” my dad is one of these people for years he
    hid away and feared talking. well im in 2013 and ..

  21. MacCunnyfunt says:

    A wonderful woman and proof positive that suicide is not the answer. If she
    had gone through with it that young man would not be here today and who
    knows how many others that have listened to her have found new strength and
    turned their lives around.

  22. missartist123 says:

    damn straight.

  23. missartist123 says:

    My parents thought I was insane for being depressed by what I saw in the
    world. Now my father sees what I see and he’s a bit more depressed now a
    days. I hate to see him sad but at least we can talk about what we see
    together so he’s not as bad as I was when I was younger.

  24. Richard Couchman says:

    Great talk. She nails mental illness perfectly!

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