How To Have Self Confidence – Tony Robbins – Stop Kidding Yourself.flv

How To Have Self Confidence - Tony Robbins - Stop Kidding Yourself.flv


  1. Bertie Blue says:

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction Sir Issac Newton
    said. I predict this poor chap is going to have a breakdown in years to
    come the continuous swimming against the tide and forever preaching
    “upbeat” will take it’s toll.

    We have negative thoughts for a reason, a warning system to protect and
    guide us the idea eternally ploughing through life ignoring your inner
    warning system primarily to get money ignores so many things.

    Contentment is the target dealing with your circumstances happily living in
    your own skin without raging is the answer. The trip not just the
    destination should be a joy I’m not sure shouting about what you can or
    must do till they put you in a box is healthy.?

  2. Patriot Fieri says:

    only in usa such scammers dont go to jail!?

  3. Stephen Witt says:

    I put his principles into practice about 20 years ago. It changed by life
    forever, but it wasn’t over night. After about two years my thinking and
    actions changed. My focus and confidence levels improved greatly. What we
    think about and focus on determines what we do. However, its not what we
    know, its what we do with what we know and when we do it. ?

  4. Joel Osteen minus the ‘god will make everything work out just right sh*t,
    and the woeful plastic hair’. Apart from that, another prime dickhead with
    a gob overload of unbelievably shinny teeth.
    “What could you get excited about”? Well, here’s what I get excited about,
    we sure can’t all be rich, but if you hopeless losers keep coming to my
    high $$ seminars and buy my never ending line of wank books, CD’s, DVD’s,
    underpants, anything I can fck’n dream of, etc. I sure fck’n will be….
    that’s soo exciting I can’t stop laughing the whole live long day.?

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  6. Longsixtynine horns says:

    the 1st 25 seconds i thought an extremely well equipped body guard/ super
    soldier was standing behind him?

  7. Karl Buttler says:

    He sounds just like a preacher..?

  8. missluisagemma says:

    I’m only here for the comments?

  9. Chris Brown says:

    This man’s voice is deeper than my relationship.?

  10. openscorpionmind says:

    awesome points he makes?

  11. 50hellkat2 says:

    If Tony doesn’t lower his intensity his larynyx is gonna be so scarred he
    won’t be able to speak. His voice is becoming so effected it is sad.?

  12. Magdelena Nazario says:


  13. william carter says:

    that cat has helped millions of people its a good thing however make
    your own path be your man or women be your own destiny the power its in
    all of us u call fall unless try to succeed?

  14. Antwan Towner says:

    What a great understanding! Really positive thinking. How To Have Self
    Confidence – Tony Robbins – Stop Kidding Yourself.flv ?

  15. Jared Ham says:

    All this man does, is re-affirm me about myself and that when i cut aside
    my bullshit I am on the right track where it matters. Imagine just being
    able to learn from him personally. Mr. Robbins is truly ELECT. His talents
    and per-requisite knowledge is AWESOME. Whenever he is public speaking you
    can really see him shine and those who have ears to hear, will hear. He
    demonstrates his words, thoughts and actions so accordingly he is the
    literal reflection of the Universe. It would be fun to hear about his own
    beliefs, although on a more esoteric scale.?

  16. Madhav Gupta says:

    did anyone notice Chetan Bhgat in this video at 1.49?

  17. Lifeboat Life Coach says:

    I did not know who Tony Robbins was before becoming a personal coach, and
    once I had become a coach, people kept telling me that they can see me
    becoming bigger than Tony Robbins. I had to look the guy up and I found a
    lot of what he says to be the same things I am saying in my coaching
    profession. Although we are very different in personality and more, we have
    a lot of similar understandings. I can only hope to become as successful as
    this man in reaching the people with my services. – Thomas Palmer :
    Lifeboat Life Coach?

  18. John Millner says:


  19. Skydeva Thea says:

    I love you so much <3 and i bought your book, I real it everyday:D?

  20. Dilandau88 says:

    Incredible man. ?

  21. James D. Chamberlain says:

    Tony’s voice is worked.?

  22. tobiosnmakky says:

    i cant see any red things in his room?

  23. Paul Denet says:

    When I give my talk I’m going to have a super soldier standing behind me.?

  24. MzTejanitaglz says:

    Thank you for posting this! It was the pick-me-up that I needed at this
    moment! Now time to go to work.?

  25. hiva nasiri says:

    OMG, I watched one of his videos when he was young yesterday, his voice has
    changed a lot. Talking really ruined his voice.?

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